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The perfect ending for me would be like: Naruto and Sasuke co-op against Madara. Sasuke has to redeem himself and thats why he's gonna use a jutsu on Madara by sacrificing himself with the idea that Madara is gonna die with him. ( same thing what Majin Vegeta did against Fat Buu ).
Sasuke fails and dies... Naruto seeing Sasuke falling from above on the ground with blood all around his face, saying the last words:

Sasuke: Why that scary face, Naruto.. I was ignorant and jealous, a fool from the beginning for not admitting that that you're a true shinobi. Naruto, you've always been better and what a fool I am for hurting you guys so much.
Sakura: *screaming* SASUKE !!! She's running towards Sasuke. (Naruto just can't believe that Sasuke is dying, he's in shock)
Sakura: *holding Sasuke in her arms*; Everything is gonna be allright, Sasuke.. (tear drops falling on his face).

Sasuke: (coughing up blood from his mouth, staring into Sakura's eyes); How can you even shed those pure tears for a evil guy like me? How can you even look at me, when I wanted to hurt you, make you bleed for my own vengeance? You're a true angel that sacrificed everything for me, even now. Sakura, I always loved you, but the person that deserves your love more then me, is standing next you.
Sakura: *staring to Naruto, closing her eyes ans saying* The feeling that you've, that you don't deserve me, is the exact same thing what I think about Naruto. Naruto doesn't deserve me either. We are both broken and the only way for us to live in happiness, is being together for us and for the true savior of the shinobi world, Naruto.

Sasuke: *puts a smile on his face* touches Sakura face and saying; Thank you, Sakura.. then he stares at Naruto ( who's slowly getting crazy like a M.. fcker and not knowing how to react ) and says; you saved your friend like a true hero, like a true brother, like a true Hokage. Now start showing what a Hokage is made off,.. chance this cursed, hatred shinobi world once and for all. Spread your love and peace around the nations and mark yourself as the true Sage. Naruto, you know how much pride I have as an Uchiha, but I feel the need for bowing down in my last seconds on this world, to a true Hokage. You saved me from my pain, so it's time for saving the others. Good bye..
Naruto: Sasuke ? Sasuke? SASUKE !!!!!!!!!!! BAM BOOM --> Super Saiyan Kyuubi / Sage Mode 9
Sakura: Noo, don't... don't go, please, don't do this to me, sasuke? SASuke? SASUKE !! * She uses a more advanced jutsu what Chiyo used on Gaara for bringing him back from the dead. Sakura has to give Sasuke half of her life-span for saving him..

Uchiha Madara: God damn.. when does this love shit stops,.. OOh sasuke, noo Sasuke, don't sasuke !! Sasuke was a fool, simple as that. Am I the only one, who loves to spread hatred around here? Well,.. you've to be good in something, right Naruto??
Naruto: Madara, you're going down, you piece of shit !!
Uchiha Madara: that's it, let it all out Uzumaki Naruto !!! finally, a real showndown..
.... I see the challenge has been set