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    Quote Originally Posted by fufuberrysoda View Post

    Best currently-running series is Air Gear. Due to hot chicks and Akito/Agito. I'd say DGM, but it's so hard to translate the manga art into anime that I was disappointed. While some fillers are awesome (more Miranda, yay! + dorky Crowley getting tricked + moar Rabi/Kanda), it just isn't following it the right way imho.
    hell no. the anime sucks compared to the manga, though the manga is just amazing lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by fufuberrysoda View Post
    TRC was canceled because it strayed from CLAMP's original perspective. They made Kurogane look like he liked Tomoyo and Fai, Chii. CLAMP themselves stated that "Syaoran and Sakura are for the kids and Fai and Kurogane are for the adults," BeeTrain also messed up storylines, pairings, voices, and the art was horrible. It's regarded as one of the biggest trainwrecks in the fandom.

    There's going to be a three-part OVA coming out with the manga's special editions. It features vampy!Fai, Kamui, Subaru, and both!Syaoran's. They're running about $30 USD each + shipping from Japan. I've already got mine on hold.
    Yeah so I heard, I'm really looking forward to them but they can't be played on American dvd players most likely. I'll probably end up seeing on youtube or something...still can't wait

    I noticed the change with Fai and Kurogane, they have more of a yaoi type thing going on, and that shouldn't be changed. Tsubasa is really following CLAMPs usual style of "dropping one helluva bomb" on their readers with their plot twists and story changes. One of the reasons CLAMP will always be a fav of mine.
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    Any anime based off a manga don't belong on a best anime list, ever.

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    I Need Help!!!! I Buy Manga Dvd's But I Get Disappointed With Them After Watching Them :( I Dont Like Wasting Money Like That :( Best Manga I Still Watched Is Ninja Scroll And Streetfighter!!!! But Others Like Sword Of Truth And Blood Never Lived Upto Those Ones :( Any Suggestions Of A Good Manga???

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    ^ You mean anime, correct?
    Well, as I have said before, one of the best anime that I have ever seen would be Full Metal Alchemist. It is one of the only anime that can actually size up to it's manga. Amazing storyline, decent animation, and great moments of comedy, drama, and action. A must see for everyone.

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