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i dunno if this makes sense but my way of looking at this theory [which ill admit never occured to me before] would be a more condensed version of Full Bijuu Mode .. think the chakra shroud but in the form show while naruto is in FBM and now that the seal has been released kurama and naruto feel and see as one while still being 2 seperate entities so kurama gathers nature chakra inside naruto and mixes it with his own chakra pool allowing naruto to constantly draw on it and maintain senin bijuu mode which would be new modified shroud + additional kinda glow from nature chakra + more accentuated fox features on his face .... another though unrelated to that theory but if kurama is himself considered a force of nature [which he is and has been refered to as an elemental force atleast once] wouldnt that mean that in a sense his chakra is a form of nature chakra allowing naruto greater control in senin mode it would also explain how naruto mastered senin mode so fast and to such a degree of perfection aswell due to the latent subconcious affinity he has as the jinchuriki .. just a thought

Kishimoto Sensei is a great story teller, and Truth to Tell, We can only try to anticipate him.

I must say that I love what you said about Kurama being a Force of Nature, That is perhaps why he and his siblings, the other Bijuu, cannot die. I also like your take, and that of others on the Sage-Kyuubi Mode Theory.

The One thing that I sense, and hope I am right, is this. Unlike Humans who attempts Sage Mode and Turn into Stone Either because they can't ballance it well, or they are doing it while moving, I think that: It is Impossible for a Chakra Being (and a force of Nature?) like Kurama to turn into stone.

Hence, If the Natural energy is being fed to Kurama, He'll eat and keep eating, and just grow stronger (and larger), without the risk of turning into a frog or into stone. This is the bedrock of my theory, and I hope that Naruto will use this idea, if at the end of the Manga, Naruto has tofight against the GM statue, or a re-assembled Juubi.

That would be the Bomb!