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    The Clone Kyuubi-Sage Mode Theory

    In 2008, I Did the Clone Sage Mode Power-up Theory:

    ( )

    Today we all know that there is a pending Kyuubi-Sage mode for Naruto (or Sage-Kyuubi, if you prefer). Many fans have been predicting this and it has been fore-shadowed by Kishimoto Sensei for quite a while. While Kishi has been taking his sweet time getting there, the time is now however for us fans to theorize exactly how we presume that Naruto will achieve this new, predicted mode.

    Why the need:

    Naruto has finally accessed Kurama's full power, and currently he is limited to 5 mins. For sure Naruto will surpass the 5 min. barrier, but then he and Kurama will come up against an Inconvenient Fact, that is that Kyuubi, Powerful as he is, even more powerful than many Bijuus combined, Is still only at Half His Original Strength. Naruto and Kurama will eventually need even more power than they currently posses, in order to finally end this war and this current threat. That Extra power will be provided by Sage Mode.

    Sage Mode Requirements:

    As I recall, and having tried to check out my facts, gathering Sage Energy requires that:

    a) you have a Large Chakra Pool to start with,
    b) You have to be still while gathering sage (natural) energy
    c) When gathering sage energy you will need to balance the Natural energy with your own chakra, else you'll turn into a frog, and then to a stone frog.
    d) When a fusion is performed, another being can constantly collect sage energy and feed it to you.

    If Naruto with Kurama can fulfill these conditions, they can attain a Significant increase of Chakra, even greater than what Kurama alone has to offer.

    So Here is my main theory:

    Naruto and Kurama Need to start in Full Bijuu transformation mode. While in this Mode, Naruto and Kurama are linked and their Chakra is as One. This is important because the amount of Natural energy Naruto can gather will depend on how big his starting chakra pool is. His starting Chakra pool if he uses a clone in this mode, will be One Half of Kurama's (and Naruto's) already incredible Chakra.

    Next Naruto will makes a clone while in Full Bijuu transformation. Then Naruto sweeps up his clone into his Fully transformed body (Just like he swept up Kakashi and Gai). Now remember that the Clone's Chakra will be linked to Kurama's chakra system (The Chakra lines that appear on Naruto's, and Naru-Kurama's bodies demonstrate this). The Cloned Naru-Kurama's Chakra shroud will interact directly with the Original's Chakra Shroud. This for all intents is a Fusion. If I'm correct, then any Sage Energy gathered by the Fully transformed Bijuu mode Clone, that is sitting inside the Kyuubi's Chakra Shroud will be fed directly to the Kyuubi and to Naruto.


    Kyuubi-Sage Mode will bring Kurama-Naruto back to Kurama's former potential, before Minato cut him down to half. It will afford them even more resistance to injury, and greater chakra sensing. It might be able to Pierce the Can't touch this defense (because Tobi-Madara, even when Phased, are still part of the Natural environment , and may be vulnerable to Natural Energy, IMO).

    In the end since we don't really know what Madara, Tobi, or sasuke may pull off, it is therefore hoped that Kyuubi Sage Mode will be part of the great antidote to all of it.

    There you have it, Thanks.
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