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    Now I have nothing agaist humor in a manga. In fact I love humor in mangas. And I have seen a lot of very stupid characters, on tv, Keeping in mind that I just saw a manga character say he was too sick through a sickness hard to see, (his period!), to a girl, and it was believed; But today in KHR, I have for the 1st time seen something be "too stupid to be funny", so much so that the formerly unnecessarily degrading "no good Tsuna" seemed way too nice this chapter. I just was so disappointed in that manga's author characterization of his character in this chapter. If it had been Yammato, fine; or even Gokudera with his weird things obsession, but it just doesn't make sense to me for tsuna. Out of the mangas characters he was never doing that well in school, but he's always been a reasonably smart and intuitive character, (in fact where was his hyperintuition then?), so this really made no sense personally.

    Anyway getting that off my chest, The fight with Reborn was cool, with a good explanation to Reborn's "ciassou". And the beginning of Tsuna's fight seems like the perfect beginning to a really good fight.

    Think it was mentioned before, but didn't really think it was possible then, but does any1 think could this be like a concluding arc to the manga? because I'm starting to get this weird feeling like with the future/ parallel universe arc, that that battle will never be able to be as important or far reaching as it was then, or as all encompassing of all past aliies and enemies and returned allegances / personalities as it is now.
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    I got tired of reading KHR. It had two nice turns of events,but the humor is so-so and now the way the main character and his side kicks are portrayed is just bad and ugly. Seriously,from the beginning of the series Tsuna changed only a little bit.
    And what's up with his father? Can't kick his son's ass again? Going easy,because this is his son I can understand,but it's totally no good Tsuna we are talking about. And nothing can change my view of him.
    Edit: Forgot to mention Tsuna's extreme moments of stupidity are way too high. They are way higher than Naruto's.

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    Yep his stupidy is 0% funny and kind of ruined the whole situation for me. Reborn was cool anyways^^

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    Reborn kicked ass, like I expected him too. But Tsuna my oh my, how can you not see something so obvious. God bless him.

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    Reborn is strong as expected but Tsuna's stupidy went up a level. He's amazing cool in battle form but retarded in normal. Overall good stuffs so far!

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    yeah he went a bit to far with that. but, it was a great kick a** chapter. im glad to see zero point back .
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    Reborn kicks ass...but damn Tsuna needs to grow up already

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