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    Gai-Sensei, truer words have never been spoken.

    I am simply blown away by the battle in this chapter. Do you even DARE to imagine what complete INSANITY this is going to look like when the anime catches it?!!!


    EDIT: Just his cloaked mode (KCM) was enough to DEFLECT FIVE POINT-BLANK BIJUU DAMAA! If you think his fully transformed form can't overpower those fools combined, than you've got another thing coming.

    Do not. FUCK. With Kurama!


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    holyshit, shit just got real. Haven't enjoyed a Naruto chapter like this in a while.

    Naruto deflect 4 bombs with ease! a Combined bomb ain't no sweat for him!

    Also amazed how Madara keeping his cool so far, maybe he's underestimating Naruto a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluntman_exe View Post
    update: the sage mode clone must be for the advanced danger sensing abilities - the process of combining the two powers IS under way. The kyuubi indicated there can be further refinement, sky's the limit for Naruto!
    well, i dont think it has anything to do with sage mode yet, as it looks more like the "dark side" naruro to me, would make sense since he was involved with the whole kurama fight on the island but you can very well be right, its difficult to see in the manga as we dont get a proper close up on the "clone" but i do think that the whole sage mode development is in the process, as it kinda looks like when jiraiya went sage mode with the 2 toads on the shoulders, so naruto has just created the base for it, and it will be awesome when we(if) see in action.

    edit: reread the chapter, it is a sage clone and it seems he is the only one in sage mode, so it opens up the bijuu sage mode possibility later on.
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    Damm, That chapter was absolutely amazing! Kurama is the king of beasts for sure. Naruto's new chakra cloak looks epic! and creating a sage cloan inside of the full transformation body was sweat! Also protecing gai and kakashi in the same way <3

    I want to see the 8th gate opened already! Kishi cant tease me like that.
    ~Hatake kakashi, The leagendary copy ninja

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    I can't seem to get motivated enough for this week's naruto release but from what i read I think it was a pretty good chapter. Also tobidara is not underestimating naruto one bit. He is actually taking him seriously seeing as he has now discarded his "operation capture naruto" to "operation kill him if possible". Soon it will be "Operation tobidara runs like a bitch".
    The five minutes thing is a joke. Hell, the way naruto is right now he "could wipe out a whole village under 1 minute". who gives a flying fuck about a 5min time limit?
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    doing your mom


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    that is as close as one can come to overdosing on manga epicness. kakashi thought it was the fourth, Gai clueless and asking Naruto what he was going to do. The kid just made his jounin teachers look like Academy cadets. Tobi shitting his pants! No wonder Kishi made the beginning of the fight look onesided before, still had no idea he was building up for this.

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    Whoa, what an epic chapter. Loved the bit with Kakashi confusing Naruto for Minato, and Naruto looks fucking awesome, a cloak made of chakra.....Worth the wait.

    EMS would want to be the sheeet, or else Sasuke is in trouble. When EMS Madara was fighting Naruto's clone, Naruto was not embarassed at all, so i dont see how Sasuke can compete unless he gains the Rinnegan.

    I guess Naruto has the clear Bijuu chakra because of Minato seperating the Yin from him. Naruto being basically all yang, they combine to form a clear transformation, unlike Bee who has the black chakra shroud.
    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    ALL I GOTTA SAY IS......

    Whoa, Whose Your Daddy!


    Minato may be dead, but his spirit lives on.
    Trust Kishi to limit Naruto's new power..Grrrr!
    Next upgrade Certainly has to be Kyyubi Sage
    Wonder if Kurama and Hachi can Link so that Killerbee is standing next to Naruto inside the Chakra Shroud.

    (now I'll crawl back to my little corner waiting for Kishi to weaken Naruto...again)
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