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    Naruto Naruto Chapter 571 : "Bijuu Mode!!"

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    Creature of Shadows Xerenix's Avatar
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    Awesome chapter and loving the new look for Kyuubi mode.

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    Oct 2011
    its just soo....epic *head explodes*

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    Senior Member thebulk's Avatar
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    I need to change my pants after reading naruto for the 2nd wk in a row...

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    idd, this is truly an epic chapter, and i really like the change in his bijuu mode also, looks a lot like when we first saw him in sage mode. im missing kakashi's "thats to be expected from the number 1 unpredictable shinobi of konoha" tho lol

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    oh damn

    - Perhaps not a huge surprise but opening the 8th gate does equal death so at least that's confirmed.

    - haha Kakashi thought it was Minato

    - Naruto new transformation....OMFG XDXDXDXD

    - heh I knew there had to be drawbacks to this mode just no way he can gain all this power without some kind weakness.... so there is a time limit.

    - The 3 tails can roll like a bug lol...

    - A combined beast bomb!!!!

    - Maybe Naruto used his sage mode to feed extra power into the bomb.

    - With all these upgrades for Naruto it makes me wonder Sasuke must have new powers too...?

    Awesome chapter but it felt a bit short because of the double page but it was necessary to capture the scope of the battle.

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    Sasuke is in a big whooping, if Naruto can force Madara into using the Rinnegan to save himself, Sasuke better be god damn stronger than Madara.

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    Pervy Sage bluntman_exe's Avatar
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    Wow I was only checking to see if the new spoilers were up and instead this kickass new chapter is up. I'm lovin it, Naruto's power up looks great, it was worth the wait to see Naruto finally do a bijuu transformation. Anyone else notice that the clone next to him was in sage mode. I wonder how that's gonna play out, either he's gathering natural energy to stay in that form longer or he'll be launched to remove the stakes. If Naruto only has 5 mins in that form then I have to hope he has a plan to remove the stakes in time, perhaps he'll use the massive bijuu bomb clash as a diversion to get a few kage bunshins to where each stake is before Tobi even notices.

    update: the sage mode clone must be for the advanced danger sensing abilities - the process of combining the two powers IS under way. The kyuubi indicated there can be further refinement, sky's the limit for Naruto!

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Naruto's new mode is even better than I'd hoped for... looks like we get to see him ride on the Kyuubi's head anyway. Also, it's a "Kyuubi Susano'o" type mode, which I really wanted to see (just so Naruto's human body is visible while in Kyuubi Mode).

    Looks like Naruto's showing his Minato-level speed again... is that part of his upgrade, because he was supposed to have it already, dammit! And that cloak made of chakra... I can't tell if Naruto chose that, himself, or if Minato worked it into the seal.

    Will he be able to add Sage mode to this new mode? Do we still need to hope for that, or is this pretty much the "Final" power for Naruto?

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    -Naruto looks epic in this new mode.

    -Loved the part where kakashi thought it was minato

    Don't think Sasuke will get rinnegan right away considering that he just got eternal mangekyou sharingan. I think at the moment he's no match untill he gets a power up.

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