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    POW Presents ~ Databook 4 Scanlation Fake Files !!

    Howdy folks,

    So I have been working on this for about a month in my free time here and there and decided to release the first wave of of my fake predictions for the 4th Databook. Like I did before with KB a few years ago I decided to pick up again with all the new data gained from the 4th Ninja War. Yes these are fake as in not real so don't ask me where to DL the 4th Databook its not out yet. Some characters I wont do like Naruto & Sasuke but I do have plans to add a few more like Darui and Ao maybe as well as some other special sections.

    You are the first to see these so enjoy and let me know what you think.


    Raiton Armor:


    The Land of Iron + Samurai

    - I kind of enjoyed making the Samurai section I think they are bit underrated but I understand as Kishi wants this to be a manga about ninja and not have the Samurai outshine them.

    - I tried to balanced Mifune's and his 2 aids abilities so their powers balance out as a team and based them on basic observation.

    **Even though I mentioned it like 3 times these are fake predictions I'm betting money someone with fail reading skills will ask me if these are real. XD

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    POW, what u need to do is, go to Japan, and become Kishi's assistant on the 4th Databook. They're slacking off.

    Tho I think it would be out in April, May. Has got to come out before the end of the world for sure.
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