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    I didn't really min Naruto this week;even this chapter of Naruto was something straight out of a medicocre tsundere anime. actually I'm kinda happy that Tobidara has a failsafe for his beast, otherwise using them in the actual war would be monumentally stupi. Of course, if someone finds a way to break the statue-beast chains, he's screwed.

    I think the only real annoyance I have is that with this, it's been 7 straight chapters of the jinchurikii vs jinchurikii battle. At this pace, this war is going to go on 'till at least 2013.

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    Senior Member micoreth's Avatar
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    Am I the only one who is bothered by the expression and laughter of Kurama at the last page?

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    Senior Member galfano's Avatar
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    whoever gave this a 1 can take a flying leap

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    This was the shit! Had to read it twice. Full Kyuubi transformation next week. Can't wait..

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    Ah that was a sweet chapter. my personal highlights were the Tobi's bit in the middle where he upped the ante in characteristically menacing fashion. I like how when Tobi said Naruto looked like he was at deaths door despite having only stopped one bijuu, Naruto had a similar look of exhaustion despite determination to Kushina when Tobi ripped Kurama out of her. And the end of the chapter and it's build up were truly awesome. Naruto and Kurama forced by desperate circumstances to finally work together and tap into some untapped potential. I get the feeling the next phase of the battle is gonna show us some things we haven't seen yet. Kishi has done a great job so far of building up the development of Naruto and his Bijuu's relationship. It's been a steady progression, it hasn't happened too easily and it's been credible. Chapter 571 can't come soon enough!

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    Senior Member drgnx's Avatar
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    This chapter had me shaking with excitement though I think there could have been a better build up between this pairing. It just seems that they went from being enemies to being friends too easily/quickly considering their lengthy relationship. Perhaps they were going for the "awe" factor.

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    Despite everything, this chapter felt more like a spin-off Naruto manga version. I wonder if kyuubi uses this opportunity to go for escape, he is a demon fox afterall.
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    Well my Edo-bijuu Idea went down the drain... but I still loved this chapter, did not expect Kurama to Switch so soon. I guess this just shows that the end is coming.

    I also like how the seven tail overshadows all the others in the double page
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximo View Post
    Despite everything, this chapter felt more like a spin-off Naruto manga version. I wonder if kyuubi uses this opportunity to go for escape, he is a demon fox afterall.
    Good thoughts. Kyuubi could attempt that and this would be the best time for him to try it since Naruto is distracted and endanger fighting Tobi+ Tailed beasts. I don't think he would try it because he really has gotten to admire Naruto, and He wants a chance to "In Your Face" at Tobi.

    If this were a normal situation, Naruto could re-restrain the Fox. If you re-read chapter 497, it seems that Kyuubi could have busted out of Naruto during their fight, rather than waste time fighting him. My feeling is that Kyuubi can't escape without first defeating Naruto's will.

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    EDIT: Good to see the rapport that Naruto and Kurama will have going forward--antagonistic but mutually respecting banter.

    And last full page with Naruto with Kurama at his back was suitably badass. Something still smells fishy; is Kurama REALLY about to help out and not, say, double-cross the shit outta Naruto for his own purposes.

    Quote Originally Posted by micoreth View Post
    Am I the only one who is bothered by the expression and laughter of Kurama at the last page?
    No, my friend. No, you are not. And there were two instances where it looked like Kurama...smiled (the closed eyes, Naruto-trademark smile). This should not happen O_O


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