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    Fairy Tail Chapter 266 Discussion/267 Predictions


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    Wow things are really moving forward! Only 8 guilds left already. Damn Elfman sure got bigger in, what was it, 3 months haha?

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    Ugh, this is one of the things i don´t like about his story writing. WHO CARES about elfman. Now we lose a dragon slayer for elfman... WHY

    Why not just pencil in Marijane instead... but no, he decides to write in elfman. This is just too lame. Very frustrating chapter.

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    because elfman is a MMMMMMMAAAAAAANNNNNNN !!!
    i LOVED THIS CHAPTER and i love that eflman is getting some burn and i hope he has something new up his sleeve. i also hoe gajeel shows up at some point. this chap gets a ten out of ten and i lvoe how the story is moving at a fast pace !
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    Fuck yeah!! Elfman ftw!! Seriously Elfman should have always been part of FT's main group. I thought he was at first but Mashima just slowly featured him less and less. I can see where dragon flame is coming coz elfman never really had a chance for his character to develop but truth is his ability has tons of possibilities. We have dragonslayers on both good and bad sides. I won't mind pulling out one and be replaced by something new.

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    Page 18:

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