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    Bleach 479 Discussion / 480 Predictions

    Chapter 479: "Goodbye to our Xcution" :



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    And That concludes the filler!
    Time for the three week break.

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    What a break for three weeks? Lol, Kubo just wants us wanting for more after showing Shinji and maybe the rest of the gang being on SS before taking a break.
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    And done, Ichigo needs to shrink his balls a little or he's going to get in trouble. And I see the Vizards have replaced Aizen Gin and Tousen. About time SS was back to full power.
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    Ichigo: He may have fucked up my family and friends, tried to kill me, and attempted to overthrow your dystopian police state, but he was just a substitute soul reaper.
    Bitchninja: But he stole soul reaper powers and was trying to destroy our Glorious Republic of Soul Society!
    Ichigo: but he was just a substitute soul reaper
    Old Man Genocide: But he tried to murder your friends!
    Ichigo: but he was just a substitute soul reaper
    Hirako: You're a fucking idiot.
    Ichigo: but he was just a substitute soul reaper...

    So Hirako is the new 5th captain and Kensei is the new 9th captain..who´s the 3th new captain ?
    Kubo just ended the Fullbringers so he´s desperate to show us the Vaizards.

    Aaaaand another Time Skip.....seriously Kubo,dont tell me you ran out of disappearing ink?

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    Good chapter. Glad to see my boy Shinji is back in the building. Kensei...ehhh, I guess it was cool seeing him too. Awesome to know Soi fon is still a b!tch. Interaction between Ichigo and Renji is always cool.

    Is it me or did the Captains seem a lil nervous when they found out Ichigo was in town? Loved the panel of the Captains stopping Ichigo in front of the door.

    Now, on to the real question: What were Kyōraku and Ukitake talking about?

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    Ichigo's point was that a substitute shinigami is a human and belongs in the human world, not SS. He didn't protest the strings SS was trying to pull on him but he wanted to make a statement anyway on the autonomy of substitute Shinigami, including him, from SS. Thus the whole entering SS alone and unannounced thing.

    But of course, what'd you expect from people whose reading skills are as shallow as a puddle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daz bonez View Post

    So Hirako is the new 5th captain and Kensei is the new 9th captain..who´s the 3th new captain ?
    Kubo just ended the Fullbringers so he´s desperate to show us the Vaizards.
    If it is shown right, then it should be Rose from the Vizard, since he was standing at 1.position on the right in front of the capatin commander which would make him 3rd squad captain

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    The Heropon! Sirxxx's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by daz bonez View Post
    Old Man Genocide:

    who´s the 3th new captain ?
    These are things that are funny! Not sure why you didn't like the chapter, though. It had awesome comedy beats. And how great was it seeing the amount of respect that ALL of the captains now have for Ichigo, that they'd all come to greet him. Especially when you consider the last time he arrived unannounced O_O (everyone tried to slaughter him, if you'll recall).

    Nice chapter! Why in the holy blue hell is Kubo taking not just a break, but a THREE WEEK break, right after a two-week break? Probably to do "research" (come up with a new story direction and/or hit the cocaine). Sometimes I really feel like this manga would be better classed as a Seinen manga, with light action elements. But I digress.


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    Yes!!! the visoreds are back and they are captains once again..... its right for them to be back... i wonder what conditions yama-ji and shinji and co. had in order for them to come back(could be related to ichigo since the visoreds are loyal to him most recently compared to SS) ... and what is the position of the rest of the visoreds?

    Love = use to be a captain of the 7th squad and now it belongs to komamura
    hiyori = apparently survive gin's attack... what is her condition now and what is her position? maybe ukitake's VC?lol
    lisa = current seat belongs to nanao-chan..maybe two VC's is possible under kyoraku since 2 3rd seat is possible under ukitake
    mashiro = current seat belongs to hisagi.. did she super kick hisagi's balls? and out of his position lols
    hachigen = i guess he might be promoted to captain of the kidou squad since we never seen a new one after tessai... i sense that momo hinamori might be his VC and hiyori is placed under shinji's squad as his VC

    This makes sense why ichigo felt shinji's reiatsu after he gained his powers back through the help of gotei13...Ichigo officially killed an enemy which was part human... well at least he showed sympathy by wanting to bury him in the real world as a human as he can relate to him as a substitute shinigami... He is now becoming more mature, calm, and understanding as oppose to before. The best part i liked about this is that kubo didn't create new characters to fill the 3 captains positions that are vacant that could make it messy... instead he gave it to the visoreds to give them a deeper role in bleach in the near future rather than removing them after the battle against aizen... besides SS owes them a lot by stepping in and helping them out in the battle against aizen when they were pushed by aizen's minions... although some succeeded in defeating an espada they failed to defeat aizen due to him being OPed hehe

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