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    Naruto 569 Discussion / 570 Predictions

    Chapter 569: "Prove Your Will!!" :



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    thanks, awesome chapter

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    Bout damn time... !! Will edit later for thoughts and commentary.

    Wow... was expecting a little more but that was a good chapter over all. Seems like the Kyuubi is finally starting to trust in Naruto but that smile, maybe he's trolling. Got to hand it to Naruto for having the brains to leave a clone inside for backup very good move. I'm surprised Tobi didn't sense it with his Sharingan it's suppose to be able to detect chakra.
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    Awesome. Naruto is a badass

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    a bit annoyed how kishi had 2 weeks t write a chapter and half is unneccesary flashback :/

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    Hats off to Kishimoto-san that chapter was well worth the wait.

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    I wanted a bit more excitement considering its the first chapter of the new year. The flashbacks just seem to waste our time and while I understand why they are there I mean we waited 2 weeks for this chapter not to rewatch something we have seen.

    In any case Naruto uses his old trick distract Tobi with Kyuubi chakra shadow clone and use sage mode with his real body.

    - To be able to balance the two different forms simultaneously is a good sign.

    - A Sage mode smack should send that thing flying.

    - Not sure what the hell we are suppose to expect next chapter.

    - Presumably if the chain is yanked out the Son Goku's Bijuu chakra + will should overwrite Edo Tensei and give him Itachi level freedom.

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    Good chapter.Good to see the Kyuubi is slowly having trust in Naruto.

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    Flash back was cute, but I was slightly disappointed with this chapter. Still, a Naruto chapter is a Naruto chapter.
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    1) The Chakra chains belong to Pain's Outer Path...Not Uzumaki, Not Genjutsu

    2) Good to see Sage Mode, Keeps Sage-Kyuubi Mode hopes alive.

    3) Freeing the 4Tails would really mess up Tobi's Plans.

    Good Chapter, rather short, but good.

    EDIT....I stand corrected on point (1) above.

    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    No, the STAKES belong to pain's outer path, Tobi just strengthened the stakes by adding the chains.
    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Dang! You're right. I thought it was strange, but thanks for the correction.

    I need new glasses......
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