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    Maybe I need to reread this a few more times, but I don't understand the crash, like how did the grandpa know they went forward in time?

    Also Sengoku&co can't be clones like the animals, or the first chapter would make no sense, since they clearly remember getting on the plane and only a few of them flew off the plane (meaning like everyone else managed to stay awake during the crash, because Rion clearly remembered the first day they were there, were as Sengoku just woke up in the forest seemly after a day).
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    What a big bunch of shit. So was it all grannys dream lol? Still crying like a baby cause of hades ;_;...

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    I demand a 2nd part to the manga about the outside world, which could have been turned into a living hell, which would be a perfect reason to bring up Hades and all the other loose ends. Problem solved.
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    That ending sucks! I'm Mad!

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    This was a let down, I could of done without the few pages of the pedophiles and done with a few of them getting back to Japan! I still don't understand what is going on though... was it a dream? clones? real? time travel? wtf lol

    Either way I liked how they showed Zaji in the end even though he was chewed up dog food lol and Tooru too, he got shafted! Crushed under rocks and all he got was "she was a little depressed but then turned into a slut" haha
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