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    Naruto Naruto 377 Spoilers

    (no spoilers outside this thread)

    (Edited: Previous spoilers were fake, now we have confirmed true spoilers)

    WSJ Cover:

    Images from jojohot:

    And from Naruto Fans Band:

    Summary posted by Himajin and its translation by Zoe:
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    Ah... finally the agony is coming to an end!
    Summoning the 3rd and 4th Hokage? That sounds so fake to me.

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    Yeah sounds fake to me, we have all ready had one person summon people from the dead I hope they don't make a second.
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    some reliable source says the spoiler pic is a fake
    looks real to me, but source is stating it's fake, so....

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    That spoiler is faker than a three dollar bill. There's nothing more to say.
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    Seems a little early for a legit spoiler pic to come out, doesn't it? And the translated spoiler sounds like it was cribbed from some other anime and off-hand references to Buddhism. I'd have to say "fake" here.
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    I'll scan it for u guys with my sharingan .. Oh,no.its genuine one ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kema View Post
    I'll scan it for u guys with my sharingan .. Oh,no.its genuine one ...
    you just proved sharingan is miserable failure

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    it would be hot to see the 4th fight so people would know what type of fight,class,person he is. since there is lilo background on him but i dont think even pein can summon the 3rd bak, just my opinion

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    I hope its fake cuz it would be sad to see that pain is letting past hokages do his dirty work especially when it has been done already by Oro against the 3rd...
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