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    Quote Originally Posted by Sodem View Post
    so rinnegan is hyuuga clans doujutsu ability (dont remember name, byakua or something?)
    only with 5 extra bodies... lame :p

    ohh, but it doesn't have the little blindspot that hyuga clan has
    Rinnegan must have some other powers as well, remember that guy who tried mugging nagato, konan etc in the flashback, and nagato pwned him... when he didn't even know any jutsus ^_^

    Heh quoting my friend, Pain is just a male Elaine Davidson with a napoleon complex

    here: Female Pain
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    All the spoilers of the first page of this thread were finally confirmed as fake ones. So look at the first message again, there are new spoilers (I'm too lazy to post them in this message again).

    By the way, what a cool new colored image of Naruto :O

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    Chinese scanlation, dont use for scanlations.

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    posted at narutofan

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    And another image found on the net:

    RS mirror found on MH (chinese scan):

    *YouSendIt link is broken (too many downloads already...)

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    rapidshare mirror for the chinese scanlation:
    RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting
    great chapter, definately elite level fight

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    Chinese Scanlation 377

    You all should use usaupload ..its easier dan hassle free

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    can we now start topics about this chapter outside this thread? or shall we wait for mangashare scans?

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    Please wait until the release (typeset) is released before you make topics!

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    Ima wait till MS scan comes out but from the pics it looks like Jiraiya wasn't fully in Sennin mode before and as he fights more and more he progresses into the full sennin mode with the help of Ma and Pa? Well either way it looks awesome and I can't wait to read it , good work MS translators and crew!!!
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