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    this week's chapter should be a double since there wasn't one last week. i hope two weeks worth was put into this.

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    it's not to far fetched. i mean pein did have the shape shifting jitsu that he taught the other akasuki members, why couldn't the teach oro how to summon dead people?
    btw I'm not saying it's real, but I'm saying that it's not completely impossable
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    I don't know is real but in other translation mention 3 and 4 generetion that pein summond maybe those generation are sandaime and yondaime

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    from manga helpers. i dont know if anyone has posted it yet though

    type: Script Translation
    Source: 2ch
    Credits: Unknown
    Verification: Pending

    Again friend translated this from 2ch for me

    Chapter Starts off with Jiriaya asking pain why he is only summoning and that even if Pain can summon humans he has no hope of winning against him with summons alone. Pain tells jiriaya that he has six seperate bodies each has the ability to summon forth one of the six realms into exsistance. Pain futher informs jiriaya that so far they have been fighting in the realm of beasts or the realm of summons. Its revealed that he opened the path way to this realm when he summoned the gaint lobster looking summon with the symbol the formed on the wall. Jiriaya states that this must be why Pain doesn't have to use handseals to summon. However Pain corrects jiriaya and states that when he opens the path way to one of the six realms he is able to automatically controll and use the powers that exsist with in the realm.

    The body with the long hair stands up and walks over to the wall and forms a handseal...a new symbol shows on the wall, but this time nothing happens. Maa and Paa ask jiriaya if the jutsu failed and Jiriaya looks horrified says that they are already captured by the this realms power. Maa asks whats that suppose to mean and Pain tells her that in the first realm of exsistance the realm of hell he has controll of the pure esscence of genjutsu. Jiriaya's body begins to melt and he says that he can't move at all. The second body pain summoned puches jiriaya and maa/paa into a wall with increadible force. Jiriaya recovers and his body along with maa/paa's release a huge amount of chakra and the whole city scape crumbles away untill he is in a desolate field with a black moon. Pain is amazed that jiraiya was able to overcome his first genjutsu attack with pure force of will, but unfortunatly for jiriaya he has not yet overcome the realm itself. Chapter ends with the second body pain summoned taking the shape of Orochimaru preparing to attack jiriaya with Ksunagi sword
    the above seems to be the most logical one. pein has a jitsu to summon his other bodies so that he could control all the realms at once if he needed.

    more pictures from manga helpers

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    and the worst case scenario is naruto fighting pein without a single understading of the rinengan...
    Well all he would have to do is Rasengan each of the two summons, then Rasen Shuriken Pain and then rasengan the Asura dimension and then Rasengan himself back to Konoha, its all very simple...

    Man this arc is going to get very weird very fast, im predicting.
    A pie in the sky?

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    oh had a good laugh @ that Shock, but id have to say i think Shock might be right there

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    Ero-sennin is about to pose in front of Pain's team, but the Gama couple get mad.

    Kaa-chan is concerned about the Akatsuki's formation. Tou-chan chides Kaa-chan.

    Then, they bicker like a married couple. Ero is annoyed.

    After a moment, Jiraiya abruptly strikes the long-haired guy. The long-haired guy is blown off.

    Pain "Don't..."

    Gama Kaa "Hmm... Let's fry this guy! The kid with oil, Tou-chan with wind

    Ero + Gama spew a large amount of oil. This time Pizza blocks it and dispells it.

    エロ「油が消えた?」 ガマ母「もろにくろーたはずじゃ」 ガマ父「こいつにもネタがあるんじ ゃろ」
    Ero: "He got rid of the oil?" Gama Kaa "Completely <??>" Gama Tou "There's something about this guy too"
    (I'm bad with their dialect, really unsure about these lines)

    Ero: "Let's try to do this with close combat"

    Ero strikes Pizza with a super-Oodama Rasengan. Pizza absorbs it too. Long hair comes around Ero's back.
    ガマ父が煙を出してロンゲの視界を封じる。その隙にエロ、ロンゲの背後に回って攻撃。が、防御 される
    Gama Tou blocks Long hair's vision with smoke. At that chance, Ero goes to Long Hair's back and attacks, but Long Hair defends.

    Ero (What? Even without seeing my Sennin Mode attack...)

    He goes around to the back again, this time using his hair to attack. This is also blocked. Ero is surprised.

    Ero (The Hair Blowfish has the widest scope amongst my offensive attacks)

    Gama Tou sees through the trick.

    ガマ父「さっき、ワシらがターゲットを決めて死角から攻撃した時、ターゲット以外の奴らの一人 がワシらをし っかり見とった
    Gama Tou "Once when we decided on the target and struck from the blind spot, aside from the target, one of the other guys watched us steadily"
         ―そうかあの眼・・・三人共同じ眼じゃ!三人がそれぞれの眼にする映像を共有して見 ておるとした ら・・・」
    "So those eyes... the three people together have the same eyes! If we assume the three share the images from eachothers eyes..."

    Ero "The three's eyes are shared amongst all of them.... is that it"

    Gama Tou "... However.... What the hell are those guys"


    I put the images in quote tags, because it affected the display of the forums.


    3rd and 4th fake spoiler, burn in hell...
    got me worried for a moment...
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    pic doesn't show up gin0va, so I'm reposting it

    Thanks y-k ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock View Post
    Well all he would have to do is Rasengan each of the two summons, then Rasen Shuriken Pain and then rasengan the Asura dimension and then Rasengan himself back to Konoha, its all very simple...

    Man this arc is going to get very weird very fast, im predicting. i am not the only one who finds naruto's fighting style boring
    1-kage bunshin
    3- rarely some small time kuchyose

    waw it s time to show the tech he learned in his damn 2 and half years trip....if he did learn some.

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    So the 2 bodies summoned are, as I assumed, two of the 5 others Pein bodies. I bet you that by the end of the fight Pain will be using all of his 6 bodies.

    Finally we get some confirmation of the rinnegan abilities which were quite misterious so far. Rinnegan allows you to have 6 bodies, and share the vision of every bodies, so that you don't have any blind spot. I was starting to wonder if rinnegan was really a dou-jutsu, vision based jutsu, such as sharingan & byakugan.

    Oh, and I'm so relieved the 3rd/4th spoiler was fake, it was just too lame.

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