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    My manga(incomplete)

    I am currently working on manga named Guardians and I am 100% an amateur. I only do this in my spare time and because I love fantasy and love to to draw. The first page of the prologue is done. English is not my mother tongue so there might be some grammar errors! ATM the grammar is being corrected by a Scottish friend but seems like he does not have much spare time so that is gonna take a looong time before it is corrected so if there is any native speaker who would want to help me in correcting the grammar in my story, I would be really happy, you can PM me if you are interested. I gladly take critism in order to make the manga even better. For the tones and highlights I use manga studio EX4.0. Please enjoy!

    Manga/anime inspiration



    (when reading the manga please read from right to left, the Japanese way)
    The manga: Prologue, first page

    Bigger version:

    Here is character design
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