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    Star Wars: The Old Republic... Good, Bad, or what?

    Simple Question for those of you who have the game. Is SW:TOR worth investing WoW level time into it or is it simply another MMO that will fall to WoW.

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    Well after I having played SW:TOR Republic I have come to a conclusion.... I am not going to play this as a MMO but as KoToR3 and I think I will enjoy it more that way. If I end the story and find that it comes WoW only with less to do, ill cancel my sub but will have enjoyed the story Very much.

    As a MMO, it very good and has a WoW feeling so anyone who has played that game will instantly pick this up and have little to no learning curve. I think it takes the ideas of WoW and expands on them quite will, the combat is very entertaining, and the Story.... If you were a Fan of KOTOR you will enjoy this game. End Game I cannot comment on because I am not there yet, only level 17 out of 50.

    But its just my opinion, I am playing as a Jedi Sentient (Two Light Sabers FTW) pure DPS class so I cannot comment on the other classes but, I think its worth a look and the subscription fee at least for now.

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