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    End of the story...

    The main plot of the story is trying to remove the cyle of hate that exists in the shinobi world.

    So lets ask ourselves how the tailed beasts fit into that hate?

    The shinobi view the tailed beasts a tools for war that fuels the hate between villages and countries.

    So in order to change that the tailed beasts must become isolated from the shinobi world. Naruto and bee already have gained some respect from their partner tailed beasts even another tailed, the 4 tails is willing to ally with Naruto against Tobi. Minato already speculkated that the answer in true peace is in removing the current shinobi village system Hasihrama started. The village system was based on Hasihrama giving each village tailed beasts as token of peace.

    So that means Naruto will become the ambassador of the tailed beasts against the world's misuse and how they view the tailed beasts. Naruto won't be part of the konoha, he won't become hokage he will become like the sage of 6 paths who also wasnt loyal to a single village or clan.

    Only a couple of things I'm too sure about will naruto get the other beasts to be a part of him like the fox or will they just aid him in battle like a general and his soldiers. I feel the tailed beasts will be reunited together but only with own will. The fox I feel will become their leader as he too need to gain their respect.

    The sage of 6 path's idea behind creating the tailed beasts is quite ingenius, creating them from the Juubi's chakra(a killing machine with no remorse) with morals which makes them feel they have responsibly in the world to protect it. The four tails shows great respect towards the so6p is case in point.

    This very simular to kid buu in dbz, the supreme kai leader was absorbed by kidd buu the mindless killing machine but then became a innocent child as result from the supreme Kai innocent nature and wanted to eat candy and cake all day and forgot about destorying worlds.

    Also there's another thing that has become certain about Naruto's destiny, it is far bejond talk no jutsu with sasuke as you can see far greater world scale issues are his final goals. Dotn get me wrong sasuke will also be involved end game but Naruto ultimately needs deal with the tailed beast it his oblgation because of housing the nine tails.
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    The hatred starts way before TSoSP, he created ninjutsu to create peace. The hatred reason is quite simple really, people don't understand or sympathize with each other. Pain's history with Konoha and Naruto's feelings for him is a good example.

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    why cant naruto unit all the villages as well as the tailed beasts? this way there is very little war and no need to hate or fear the tailed beasts, thus making naruto the person who created true peace... just a thought.

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