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    Naruto Shippuden Episode 241

    The size of an acorn hahahahaha!!!

    Lol I have been playing catch up with Naruto anime starting from ep 236

    The last couple ones where pretty good giving the other characters some screen time.

    237 - lol Tenten flashback

    238 - Sai flashback

    239 - Ino Shika Sho trio and even old man Koskue is back

    240 - Kiba gets his chance to grow a bit

    241 - Gai & Kakashi flashback hehe I love seeing them in their youth.

    I'm okay with fillers like this at least they they try to develop the characters a bit more. They should have started earlier or kept going after konohamru.

    242 "Naruto's Vow"
    "Naruto no Chikai" (ナルトの誓い) December 28, 2011

    243 "Landing! Paradise Island?"
    "Jōriku! Rakuen no Shima?" (上陸! 楽園の島?) January 5, 2012

    244 "Killer Bee and Motoi"
    "Kirābī to Motoi" (キラービーとモトイ) January 12, 2012

    245 "Naruto vs. The Nine-Tails!!"
    "Naruto VS Kyūbi!!" (ナルトVS九尾!!) January 19, 2012

    246 "The Orange Sparkle"
    "Orenji-iro no Kagayaki" (オレンジ色の輝き) January 26, 2012

    242 looks awesome a rivalry between the Rock & Mist village.
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