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    By the way, TruePirateKing, you said before that you hope the next will be Luffy meeting Chopper recap. That was a preview for the 9th movie. Chopperman is an old One Piece short, it's going to be humorous and have nothing to do with the plot though. After that episode the next will be the first episode of Thriller Bark, unfortunately that'll be on January the 7th because there is no One Piece or any anime for that matter Christmas week.
    thank you for clearing that up, i wasnt so sure of the next episode. i find it kind of wierd that they wouldnt aire an episode over christmas week. the last time i went to china was for christmas last year, and no one there has any idea what they are celebrating, its just a huge marketing tool over there. its all used for places to make more money

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    The giant Franky robot was cool, him and Luffy Bomber should've had a big long AMV-worthy fight. >_> Well, at least we're back to canon now..

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    I skip the fillers!

    Lets go to non-dragged animation yey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murtas View Post
    I skip the fillers!

    Lets go to non-dragged animation yey!
    You missed all the explanations about the options of the Soldier System Dock, then.

    Well, if you read the manga, you missed nothing. Good choice not to watch that, probably the worst filler saga ever made in One Piece :S

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    I never watch manga before i'm tired of the anime.

    Reason: Anime will never entertain me, so 1st i see the anime until i find it boring, which means that i did not yet stopped watching One Piece, it is very very good, and it is so fast paced (atleast until ep 200).

    I already gave a shot to the manga, but as long as i'm satisfied with the anime i will not read it.

    It happened with the naruto, when i found the series boring, i switched to the manga and it is really 100x more exciting than the current series point (and so i quit the anime and just read the manga).
    I don't like make up episodes with no pace at all to not catch the manga point, aswell as fillers, it doesn't make sense for me.

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