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    Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja (XBOX 360)

    Anybody else have this game? I'm still in the very beginning of the game, but so far I'm liking the games mechanics. The game flows nicely and the graphics are superb. The story follows the anime and from what I can tell it's going to follow the anime precisely.

    The fighting seems pretty fluent. Only had one fight so far and it seems like it'll take skill to master the fighting portion, but you can also take it easy as well.

    The one thing that annoys me is the English language. I just think that the English in Naruto anime is poor. If they added an option for Japanese with subs that would be awesome. Even if you have to purchase the option for 100-200 points on XBOX Live.

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    I played it at an expo a while back (May or June IIRC.) and the RPG mode looked pretty solid, didn't care too much for the fighting though, it all seemed a bit slow and clunky.

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    I bought the game the other day, I like it except that the camera kinda sucks sometim on it.

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    I must say after playing the game more that I suck at fighting games. Instead of going for button combinations that perform in game combo's I just mash the buttons in a fight hoping to get a lucky combo and if the guy is far out of my way I try for a jutsu.

    I think I need to try to do things more meaningful instead of just pressing random buttons during fights. Overall I think the game gets better as you go along as there are more things to do once you unlock a few abilities, jutsus, etc.

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    It just happens to be one of the prizes being given away in this week's banner competition.

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    It actually doesn't look too bad, my favorite thing about it is that the storyline is the actualy storyline of the manga/anime, which you don't see too often.

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    I suggest EVERYONE waits to buy this game. I just found out the Japanese language option will be available to download at a later date. Obviously Japanese language dwarfs the English language in Naruto so having this available while playing the story mode would make it that much more enjoyable. When Japanese option comes around I'll only have the online mode left to play :(.

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    yep i got it. gaara's lvl 3 sand burial takes away like 85% of ur health... hahaha pretty damn funy
    anyway, id still say that the narutimate accel is better than rise of ninja... then again this is just the first of the series for x360 while accel is on their 5th

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