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    A lake might not seem to deep, but Kabuto's isn't talking about his submarine failing at going down that deep, but he himself. For person it's impossible to swim to the depths of an lake without any modern technology to help.
    At 1642 metres (5387 ft), Lake Baikal is the deepest and among the clearest of all lakes in the world.
    from Wikipedia. That's a whole lot of meters to swim, and a whole lot of pressure at the bottom, where Jiraya would have been if this was the lake, or the Rain Village lake is equally deep.
    That's 2357.2817 psi(or 1067kg), got this from a number of different water pressure calculators.

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    Very well I shall give you guys a bit of Naruto Trivia.

    Do you know what Country lies next to the Rain and Sand?


    Hence my original point the water drains somewhere as rivers tend to link to oceans. Jiraya's body has been washed out to sea.

    The end!

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    He may well be in the river, not the sea. Why? Well, the rods did weigh him down so maybe he settled at the river floor and got covered by slush. It happens.

    Either ways, I hope he doesn't come back. He could "appear" to Naruto like a ghost for those big battles Naruto faces, but thats it.

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