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  • Sengoku

    18 19.15%
  • Whitebeard

    2 2.13%
  • His own crew member

    6 6.38%
  • Turned himself in

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    Who captured the king?

    So who was it that capture Roger? Was it sengoku of the marines, Whitebeard out of his jealousy of roger's power and ratted on him, his own crew members, or did he just turned himself in?

    Whats your opinion on how Roger fell into the hands of the WG?

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    I think I've heard somewhere that it was Luffys grandpa who caught him..Not sure though.

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    Probably Sengoku or Garp... but I suppose someone in Roger's crew betrayed him (it sounds impossible, though, with all nakama stuff). But I'm sure the Marines managed to trick Roger or make him surrender by having innocent people as hostages or something.

    Roger couldn't lose in a battle

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    My opinion is that he turned himself in. Gol D. Roger was restricted by wood handcuffs during his match toward the execution platform. WOOD! Even Buggy can break that! To top it off, only two soldiers were guarding him. Oh please, if Gol D. Roger was truly the strongest pirate in existence during his life time, I would find it hard to accept that he was weaker than Buggy. Apparently, he accepted his fate and celebrated his own death. It was said that Garp corned Gol D. Roger several times during his life time, but did not necessarily capture him. Also, both Buggy and Shanks witnessed the execution of their own captain and committed no action to aid him. That suggests two possibilities: Shanks is in fact a big rotten pirate who mutinied against Roger, or that Roger forbid any of his crew members from executing any rescue attempts. The latter sounds more plausible and thereby I am certain Roger turned himself in.

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    well i'm gonna go with whitebeard. haha

    well reason is because i don't think whitebeard is the type to want to be called second, so he ratted on Roger just so he can be called the Strongest in the Grandline. another reason for ratting on Roger is because maybe they had a race to see who could get to raftel first and whitebeard lost and in his frustration he ratted on Roger.

    though this may not be correct but its what i think lol

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    I'm thinking that Roger turned himself in: he did this, making a deal with the government to let his nakama go free. Yeah, something along those lines. Something that Luffy would do.

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    I dont know excacly where I've heard this before. But I'm pretty certain its mentioned someplace in the anime that Gol. D. Roger turned himself in for unknown reasons! So I'll go with that atleast.

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    judging by how his rank jumped from admiral to captain of the marines in such a short time, im guessing its sengoku

    at the time of the raid on robins island, sengoku was just a regular admiral or vice admiral i believe

    he wouldnt have been promoted past, say, ao kiji without doing something incredible

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    I think he probably turned himself in. In OP Gold Rogers is portrayed as such an untouchable character I can't image someone actually capturing him. And if someone did in fact capture him, I'd think it's only because he let them.
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    turn himself ....
    he never regret because he has find what he want.... one piece.

    he does'nt have any reason to live after find his goal...

    or maybe he sacrifice his life to begin the transformation to new world...

    same like shank sacrife his arm.....

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