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  • what kind of bankai does urahara have

    44 32.84%
  • who flashed trough ukitake's mind when he first saw ichigo

    8 5.97%
  • yoruichi has a zanpakto,why never show it

    4 2.99%
  • what did ogihci mean by STAY ALIVE UNTIL I SHOW UP NEXT TIME

    5 3.73%
  • who is the other woman named yachiru

    7 5.22%
  • why ichigo's father hid his identity as a former shinigami from his family

    56 41.79%
  • others

    10 7.46%
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    Fans Theories-What do you want to know most?

    since there wasn't a particular page for bleach theories(like naruto) i figured this can be useful to exchange different thoughts on Bleach's huge number of unanswerd questions,maybe some proposed you can either

    -post a possible answer or theory
    -write your own (logical) possible outcome of the current events,dialogs...
    -propose other things you want to konw MOST
    -all of them
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