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    Nice chapter! xD

    Didn´t expect Big Mam to be introduced now! xD Love it. I´m curious to see if they still have the vivre card from lola(thriller bark arc). I still believe that those 2(lola-big mam) are connected.

    I'm also wondering about 2 other things:

    -The prediction from the fortune teller that luffy will destroy the island.
    -if Luffy will call out that he'll protect fishman island like whitebeard did before.

    I love these chapters where we get little bits of information about the people and history we don't know that well yet.

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    Legendary Member halaros536's Avatar
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    This chapter was simply amazing.

    I never thought that a battle between admirals would happen and especially so soon.

    Aokiji vs Akainu was the highlight of this chapter for me.Who gives a shit about Hody or Caribou?

    But i didnt like that Aokiji lost,he was my favorite marine,but it was obvious that Akainu wouldnt lose that fight.

    So BB is a yonkou now.Its intersting that he didnt use the gura gura at all.Maybe he wanted to master it first,or just to show that he doesnt need it.

    And we learnt something about the ancient weapons too.

    This chapter was definitely the best in this arc.

    edit:Yeah,i wonder if we'll see Big Mom anytime soon.People who thought that she'll be a potential ally to Luffy were wrong,as it seems.Since we are talking about someone who destroys countries for the sake of sweets.

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    Liar Game ftw Don.D.Bulky's Avatar
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    This chapter is just too Epiiiiiiiiiicccccc!!!
    wtf, there was a showdown between Aokiji and Akainu and Aokiji left the marine?......(Next Nakama?....just saying cos Oda is too unpredictable)
    BB is now yonkou and the 3rd weapon is Uranus and not Zeus. There goes that little
    Looks like unimaginable things excluding BB, really happened over these past two years.
    Big Mam and Caribou will now play major
    This chapter was packed with new info and I bet this candy incident is setting the SHs up for a clash with Big Mam in the new world.

    Big Mam: So you are the straw hat brat?
    Luffy: Oi Sanji, do you know this hag?
    Big Mam: Brat, You dare to eat my candies and you call me a very old hag? Huh? ~Angry face~
    Luffy: Hahahaha...I like to take chances but you misunderstand, I didn't say very old. ~Smiley face~

    I really want to know everything that happened over the time skip real quick. I also want to see the world's reaction when they learn about the SHs return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don.D.Bulky View Post
    This chapter is just too Epiiiiiiiiiicccccc!!!
    wtf, there was a showdown between Aokiji and Akainu and Aokiji left the marine?......(Next Nakama?....just saying cos Oda is too unpredictable)
    Its not out of the question,but i dont see it.If he does join,it'll be many arcs later.

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    Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl daz bonez's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Now a Page by Page Analysis. Part 1::
    Cover: Those clothes on the girl indicate that she is related to Law in some way(this is sarcasm for those of you are not going to get it(and I know that some of you will not get it)).
    1: Uranus and not Zeus was picked to be the third weapon. Told you you shouldn't assume; Oda knows what you think and will always attempt to prove you wrong.
    2: The parties about over and Shirahoshi is about to become a wanted criminal.
    3:Nami has a drinking limit!! Half the fans said Akainu would be Fleet admiral while the other half said Aokiji. Not surprising there.
    4: Ten days is the second longest fight on record. 5 days being Jinbie and Ace in third and Dorry and Brogy in first with 100 years.
    5: No surprise that Lava beat ice. You would have to be pretty dumb to think that wouldn't be the outcome. Still not saying it was an easy victory Akainu. Ten days. Also, Luffy's scar seems to be very symbolic for him. Akainu for Final Fight. If Akainu learns of Shirahoshi, you better believe he is going full force for her. No Aokiji will not join the Straw Hats, that's just to left field.
    6: Blackbeard conquered Whitebeards old turf without his power.
    7: Blackbeard is now Yonkou. Now the big thing. Blackbeard is stealing Devil Fruit powers. Everything the fans have been theorizing about Blackbeard is wrong. Luffy won't fight blackbeard who has two or three Devil powers. Luffy will fight Blackbeard who has a hundred or thousand Devil powers.
    8: Jinbe being the old stick in the mud again. Also, Luffy eating the candy that will destroy the island. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji all seem to be aware of something: could Zoro and Sanji have Haki as well?
    1.You know its hard to detect sarcasm in the internet.

    2.hahaha..that pages really remind me a lot of Sagat scar that`s glowing whenever he see Ryu^

    3.i guess that tiny info oda gave us gonna be important in the future

    4.One Piece: Devil Fruits. Gotta eat them all.

    Anyway after i`m kinda calmed down...i think this chapter was pure genius.I remember Oda mention that a big thing happened in the 2y with the marines.and he did not fail to deliver.

    Quite a few very important twists and basically set ups.

    1) Caribou finding out about the princess being an ancient weapon is almost like letting Genie out of a bottle. Because if this information was secured and practically impossible for the rest of the world to find out. Now we will probably have to settle that once Caribou gets out of FI, this thing could spread like fire or in other words, there is no way telling who and when will learn of it, but any individual from that point on knowing about it. Oda can make it legit and that is a bit too dangerous for FI

    2) It was now confirmed without any doubt for those who still had it. Luffy and in general the great trio can feel a presence of a) big power b) strong ill intentions.
    That is how they found and prevented Caribou from taking the princess.

    3) Instead of simply catching the dude, they send him flying (this has to be one of the most annoying things in this chapter. Well the only annoying thing, but it is a huge one. However it sets off the entire let's go find Caribou and take his treasure theme and since Caribou said he will go to New World we can now only speculate which will it be, will they find and capture him first or will they follow him into New World (I personally hope it is not the later)

    4) However to twist it a bit mother. This gets a spin of epic proportions when we learn that Big Mam has actually sent some kind of convoy in the form of two man:

    - Mr. Bokoms
    - Baron Tamago

    Whoever they are, they probably ain't the type to just carry yonkou's luggage or messages and in the final sentence we get the confirmation that Big Mam is not the kind sort of a Yonkou some may have expected, since it seems, she protects countries or adds them to her territory BUT in exchange she wants monthly gifts in form of sweets (which in a way makes this a bit ridiculous (her entire character) however this is a shounen and yeah, although I would reather these kind of themes to be of serious notion, no matter the twist, I just can't take it that serious and likely that someone would be so obsessed with sweets but let us wait and see.)

    5) Now we should be done right? This should be it by all standards, such revelations in just one chapter, such set ups... However there is more. We learn that Not only Blackbeard has taken his Yonkou position (that was pretty much clear from the get go ), but we also find out that Marines have had a great "incidents" and that even if Akainu taking the sit of a Fleet Admiral is not such a surprise the departure of Aokiji from the Marines surely must be.
    It poses many questions.
    For starters, we also learn that Marines have started to really get into the entire Absolute Justice thing, which probably means we will see a lot more cruel, brutal and less talkatative Marines from now on. What it also does is... that with the withdrawal of men like Garp, Sengoku and Aokiji (the so called good guys of Marines) we know get a more crystal picture of them and it isn't looking so much grey now as it does black. (Now personally I do not like that fact that this makes them much less complex and much more straightforward - bad guys material)
    What I mean to say here is the following.
    While we could before the war at marineford seriously think about who is in the right. The Marines the White beard pirates... Are Marines in general good or bad... there were no simple answers to that, just like in real life. You have good and the bad and do not get me wrong. I do not say that this has changed completely. No, however it does go in one particular direction and it does feel as the setting for the future state of events if you see where I am going with this.

    And another thing about this (Marines) They have lost Garp and Sengoku (at least in a fighting sense) they had to replace an Admiral and so naturally we were all thinking yeah so now they need a new Admiral. However wam comes Oda makes this twist and all of a sudden we see him almost bringing it all to ground zero.
    They actually are missing two admirals now...
    Not to mention that currently as far as we know they only have

    - Mihawk
    - Boa
    - Kuma
    - Doflamingo

    in the ranks of shibukai. So they need to fill that as well I guess (and while we were laughing that they could take buggy and have in fact seen him receiving a letter from them...

    Who will be the people to fill the Marines ranks? I personally believe that there will be some new ones but some old faces as well. Who knows at this point but this is one major problem for them. They were all panicking when they lost 1 one of those positions, are they in chaos now?

    6) And I wanted to leave this for last. The above is not all what I intentionally forgot to write in my previous wall of text was that we learn about probably the 2 most important things in this entire Chapter.

    a) That there are actually 3 ancient weapons
    b) That BB can somehow extract more Devil Fruits

    *a) I won't say much about this, i give many of my 2 cents on this stuff and it will surely raise many debates I will gladly read and get involved in.

    *b) This one really really major. And I will say it here that my wish is, for this to please not go in the direction of Heroes and Syler (he is the man in Heroes who takes away the powers of other heroes )
    The problem with that would be, that 1) he would get way overpowered 2) it takes away from the uniqueness of the DF powers and makes it dull in general for me personally. Ok he can take away powers, but he can't have them for himself. That is my hope, otherwise this one I do not like at all for valid reasons and not preference.

    Ok that is it. That way my take on the chapter. I hope someone at least reads it and I haven't wrote it for myself only
    Last edited by daz bonez; 12-14-2011 at 02:43 PM. Reason: Got tired after read such Epicness!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by xioaxioa View Post
    Fisher Tiger is a punk ass bitch.

    -----credit to Maximo for the kick ass ava----

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    Bug Mom is coming to town? It's about damn time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zafran View Post
    let the aokiji for new SH campaign begin XD
    I knew someone was going to start this up.

    Quote Originally Posted by daz bonez View Post

    I shouted like 3 or 4 times during the chapter. Every turn of the page I was like "WHAT?", next page, "WHAAAT?", next page, "WHAAAAAAAAT?".

    This was intense, I swear I haven't felt such excitement while reading a chapter in years. Not a OP chapter, but a chapter of anything.

    Really people stop using the word "epic" to describe things....Page after page huh? The only thing that excited me is that Big Mom is coming to town....And did you just compare this chapter to God? Really?

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    Legendary Member halaros536's Avatar
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    Actually the fact that Aokiji and Aka had a fight,was epic.

    Dont know if we could say the same about the rest of the chapter,but it doesnt matter.

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    Senior Member athary's Avatar
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    @ daz bones

    i had the same though when i read that BB steals DF's . the comparison with heroes and syler the one that steals gifts
    however i reallly don't think BB can use morre then 2 DF's i think would be kinda absurd if you tell me. he might use them in a diffrent way....don't ask me how

    about big mom. is she coming? not nessearly becuz ,the candy can't be deliverd...wich maens she is not protecting the island anymore
    that doesn't mean she will attack the island.
    but the big issue is caribou, he knows the secret about shiraosi end that would become a great danger
    for the island becuz if big mom not protecting the island

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    shit-shit DF user saragesi's Avatar
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    damn it... i'm crying...
    those who don't cry manly tears after reading this chap surely have no heart..

    always knew that Akainu will become the fleet admiral.. he's the senseless justice type, anything goes, the type that the WG people likes.. while Garp, Sengoku and Aokiji are warbuddies that have the moral justice types.. even if Aokiji won, he wouldn't want a troublesome job like being a fleet admiral.. I'm sure he'll be back as the true Fleet Admiral someday, by the help of Luffy and his Gramps offcourse..

    don't really care about blackbeard became the 4 emperrors..

    like one of the dude just said; the grand final of this arc is Aokiji vs Akainu

    moral justice will rise someday...
    life sucks, then you die, and guess what!? it still sucks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by halaros536 View Post
    Its not out of the question,but i dont see it.If he does join,it'll be many arcs later.
    I know it's not likely and the probability is close to zero but still a guy can dream right?
    And I can use Oda's unpredictable nature to reassure myself. (JAHAHAHAHA....."Oh look. Even Hodi is laughing at me.")
    Anyway, like you said, if even he joins, it will be many arcs later. That I agree completely.
    P.S. I prefer him to Jimbei. Considering he always looks bored or sleepy, he will be like one of the crew's boredom specialists who is also a powerful logia.
    Zoro is the other seeing as he sleeps a lot too but is a swordsman. (so yeah variation right

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