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    oh in page 13 we saw naruto use a chakra arm to block an attack so perhaps kishi IS wandering the boards.....

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    Nice chapter, i knew the Bijuu chakra should be hard to control as Nagato found out.

    Cue full Kyuubi transformation next week! Then we get to see why he is the strongest Bijuu.

    If he does a full tranformation with Naruto's assistance then the Kyuubi cannot be controlled by the sharingan correct? Because any control over the Kyuubi is rendered useless in the reverse of what we have seen with Bee getting out of the MS genjutsu.
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    Nice color spreads. SO the douche finally arrives on the battlefield. Did Tobi just use Kushina's chakra chains or is that of his own making? So what will the nine tails do?

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    Great chapter. I really loved it.

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    EPIC chapter. I do however believe that the chakra chains used by Tobi is because of him having a piece if Uzumaki in him. I've been saying this all along. Either he's a clone that incorporated part of the Uzumaki's chakra in him, or he's a Uzumaki. That would explain his ability with seals and his long life. Will also have to wait and see how Sasuke falls into the mix, because most of the main characters are already tied up in battle.

    @Jaiden: I think its his own chakra, but even if it isn't I think its safe to assume that its the same chakra chains he used against Kyuubi and Kushina

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    - Thats an awesome color image of the Jinchuurki but the 6 tails is missing.
    No he's not....

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    Naruto is still a weak pussy! can't fully utilized the kyubi's power!


    gai and kakashi did their job but i don't think they'd stand a chance unless the kyubi awakens and takes over. naruto is just discouraging me at this moment. GO KYUBI TAKE OVER THAN BITCH OF A BOY YOU'RE FORCED TO BE SEALED IN!!

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    Those chakra chains do bring up a lot of questions. Here's a possibility:

    1. Tobi is (at least partially) a Zetsu clone.
    2. Tobi was nearby when Minato/Kushina sacrificed themselves to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto.
    3. Zetsu eats corpses.
    4. Kushina was a corpse.
    5. ???? >_< !!!
    6. Tobi gained a portion of Kushina's power.

    Looks like the Kyuubi's pretty stuck up... what a little brat. It's funny how the once-badass Kyuubi is trying to pretend he doesn't like Naruto.

    This actually makes me happy, because it means Bee might get to live. Maybe Naruto didn't look pathetic this fight for the sake of giving Bee a send-off, but simply to show that he still needed to bond with the Kyuubi to gain TRUE power as a Jinchuuriki. This fight is simply to push him to that limit.

    I still want to see Kyuubi transformation + Kagebunshins. Tons of Kyuubis! If Bee can use his ink-style sealing technique while in Hachibi Mode, there's no reason Naruto can't use Kagebunshins in Kyuubi Mode.

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    really nice chapter.. good to see a less action episode and more details.... plus we all wanted Hachibi to talk to Kyubi and Naruto with Kyubi.... well they have started talking and the wink style look Kyubi was giving on the last page with naruto try to open up the mouth of jinchuriki is enough to conclude that next chapter is going to be owned by naruto..... brace yourselves guys good guys are going on offensive next chapter...!!

    About Sasuke considering his past actions we can predict that he surely will research about Tobi and one thing he is going to get Madara too coz Itachi told him Madara helped him in Uchiha Massacre...!!

    I rather hope and have read the same idea in the discussion of previous chapter i guess that what if Sasuke is playing all along with Tobi ? just because Tobi had Itachi's eyes and Sasuke needed them. Sasuke has been portrayed as an intelligent guy and very secretive so its a possibility..!! ofcourse he wanted Danzo dead and the elders too but rest of the village that might be Sasuke's game. Remember he played Orochimaru too untill he became strong and then we all know what happened.

    But then this will end the excitement of Naruto vs Sasuke. so its highly unlikely too :S

    one thing is sure Naruto will bring Sasuke back that is like one of the themes of Naruto series in my view.

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    If Naruto transformed into the Kyuubi, would it be possible for him to use sage mode as well. He would in reality be just laying back, so i wonder if he could then offer the sage chakra to the Kyuubi.

    I know its been discussed about the possibility of seeing Naruto in Kyuubi mode together with sage mode, but if that's possible, wouldn't the Kyuubi's transformation be able to use sage chakra as well. Oh well, just rambling now, but i wanna see more on the Kushina/Uzumaki chakra chains. The fact that he does have these chains lends itself to the argument that Tobi might've been the one that wiped out the Uzumaki Clan.

    Also, the part about Jugo and Suigetsu going to one of Orochimaru's hideouts, gives me the impression that they will stumble upon something important concerning Kabuto. Also, about them, is it now possible that Karin is still following Sasuke. Sure Jugo and Suigetsu don't know that Sasuke almost killed Karin, but it could've been their plan all along for her to get access to Konoha.

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