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    Exclamation Shaman King v31-32 [RAW]

    hi, i've been reading shaman king for a while and i'm about at vol.21 but i can't find a translation of the last 2 volumes. i found the raw but i can't read jap so i was wondering if anyone could finish translating the last volumes if the had any time. if u send me a PM i can send u the raw vol.s via email. it anyone knows if they have been translated then can u let me know??? thank you!!

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    You could make a translation request at mangahelpers...

    The translation request section

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    if i'm not mistaken mankin trad is currently scanlating the shaman king manga. they're as far as vol 30 chap 260. here's a link


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    OH MY GOD THANK U. i thought i would be stuck with not understanding the already weird looking ending forever!!!!!

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    BTW the end of volume 32 isn't the end. Shaman King was dropped from shonen jump, but the author (can't remember his name) is making a volume 33 at the end of this year/beginning of next, with a proper ending.

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