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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    where there is food
    ^ or, like with cobra, it could have been passed down, king to king.
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Jinbei declining wasn't a surprise.

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    ^Must be. Which means either Neptune can read the Poneglyphs or he's just really, really, really old.
    Or it's just as he says, a story that has been passed down to the royal family.

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    Strawhat Galkie's Avatar
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    Well Jinbei will join in a later stadium, im pretty sure of that.

    But for some reasons i dont want ''poseidon'' to join...

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    Just.. Epic.

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    Cool revelation by Oda. Totally didn't see that coming.

    Now the question is how long will this remain a secret? Given all the pirates they've just freed, at some point the news of Shirahoshi controlling Sea Kings will get out (those pirates, like everyone else, saw the Sea Kings pull Noah away; some of them likely overheard Dekken and Hodi talking about her ability). The World Government will hit Fishman Island hard once news get out; no question Gorosei will move.

    Some interesting developments, to be sure.

    I liked how Neptune thought Robin was hitting on him...awesome.

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    You got caught in my trap In your head!!!'s Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackriot69 View Post
    ^Must be. Which means either Neptune can read the Poneglyphs or he's just really, really, really old.
    It was probably Roger who told him that after listening to the "sound of the universe"

    Yeah stay away Mr. Fishman ....
    Nice chapter anyways ;D

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    Senior Member FenixMarco's Avatar
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    Lol at Neptune thinking Robin was hitting on him! And I was right with the ancient weapon Poseidon being located at Fishman Island! As well as Jinbe not joining, the Q and A's are still a legit source of material. But how is Shirohishi a Ancient Weapon? Is it because she has the power to control sea Kings? or maybe able to control sea kings to use the weapon? Bet 5 bucks next chapter he doesn't even continue this topic..... just trolls us again.

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    Senior Member athary's Avatar
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    as the sh where leaving with the sunny to the new world i was suprised.
    but they got invited's done yet
    i wished oda wouldve just shown a glimps of that mudhead
    why keep him in the background for so long? this can only mean he'll play a big role

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    shit-shit DF user saragesi's Avatar
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    ha ha ha ha
    the king is surprisingly a bit overreacted

    those who shares with others are heroes, those who share only with themselves are pirates..

    it seems Zoro is the only one who share the same ideal with Luffy..

    say, maybe it's a bit lame, but how much is exactly Zoro's bounty now? (the mud guy who had more than 200 mil bounty even scared of him..)
    life sucks, then you die, and guess what!? it still sucks...

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    Initiate zeo's Avatar
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    oda and cross are on the same page now lol, it was amazing chapter like all ways 'except for that one time'.i need oda to show us what is going on in the world as soon as possible also new island.

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