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Thread: RETSU gonna PWN

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    Lord of souls HYRULIANBANKAI's Avatar
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    RETSU gonna PWN

    Yeah she said she was just going to heal, but will we finally get to see why she is a captain?

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    Senior Member Shock's Avatar
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    definately. Shes got something set up more than likely, I bet shes already won the battle before its officially started...Wonder what her Bankai is
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    She's fighting the Exequitas... don't think we'll see much of a fight ;/

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    Bankai? I doubt she'll need Bankai for them. But I dont see them backing down, though the leader seemed a bit rattled. But I'm sure we all know how this is going to turn out. She says and means that she has no interest in fighting, but one or all of those guys are going to attack her and/or Isane and shes going to retaliate with very little effort but completely destroy them... its going to be legendary.


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    wow 83% thinks she will murder LOL

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    Of course she's gonna murder. She's in the same line with Byakuya. Always keeping her cool no matter what. I swear that her Bankai is like pure ownage all the way lol.

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    She is gonna murder. I am 100% sure of that.

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    like after all she will turn out as one of the best fighting captains in SS .
    I think she will own them barely using even her sword, much more the Bankai.

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    You got MS'ed z3n0cid3's Avatar
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    don really see her fighting, but im sure she has the capibility to pwn. haha

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    I don't think she's going to be insanely strong. Her main attribute is that of healing so I don't think she's going to have all this power. I think she can hold her own obviously, or else she wouldn't be a captain. If we look at Hanataro he can't even fight at all. I don't think Retsu will be that bad, but I don't think she'll be able to take on the espada like Byakuya or Zaraki will.

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