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    Byakuya vs. Espada

    Man I feel bad for that Espada who said he was going to finish off Rukia. He says he doesn't care, yet I really feel a massing pwning for this Espada. Byakuya is always calm and collected. I feel that Byakuya will have to get serious, yet despite everything that happened between him and Ichigo, the guy has never even broken a sweat in any fight. I'm not really sure what to think of all these Captains showing up in Hueco Mundo, I see an immediate retreat after both these Espada are massively owned or defeated and retreat, but I really don't see Kenpachi or Byakuya losing; not even remotely at all. I'm not really sure what is going to happen now, but DEFINITELY an interesting plot twist. Props to Tito Kube for doing this, cause let's face it, despite it's awesomeness, Bleach was starting to get dull despite the always awesome fight scenes. Kudo's all around.

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    The shot where Byakyuya is seen after the black guys says he was about to finish the job sealed the deal for me. He is going to smack the shit out of this guy for trying to kill his sister. We haven't seen Byakyuya fight for his family yet and especially after seeing his sister lying on the ground practically dead. She might not be blood but shes the only things hes got left of his wife.
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    Byakuya is just going to backhand this guy up and down hueco mundo, might be biased since Byakuya is my favorite, but the guy is a emotionless killing machine

    Sorry guy, but senbonzakura is going to slice and dice you

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    I think is gonna be pretty even because of #7 realse abilities, not cause Byakuya is weaker... something like he cant be cut and buakuya is all about slashing.. but thats my guess cause no way the fights are one sided. Or maybe they will start beating the crap of espada members and the top 4 come to save them and shimigamis have to high tail it..

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    I don't think SS is going to try and eliminate all of Hueco Mundo just right now, that would be too incredibly convenient. I see Zaraki pimp smacking his Espada, Byakuya taking his down, then Unohana healing Ichigo and Rukia. They grab Orihime and get the hell out of dodge, IMO. I don't see the Espada as not being challenges, but I doubt Byakuya or Kenpachi are going to have that hard of a time taking them down.

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    Senbonzakura is gonna slice that black dude into bits. He will totally get owned by Byakuya.

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    it would have been pure ownage if the black espada looked at Rukia, saw she was barely conscious and said: -pity the last words you'll ever hear are - Chire, Senbonzakura

    But Kyakuya will like own his sorry ass in three moves - Shikai, Bankai, stryke, then he turns around, picks Rukia, leaves and doesn't care.

    only three espada left to the three first places *happy Halibel and Stark are on top three*

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    byakuya is furious...just look at his last look,his glare....pure killing intent

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    hehehe~ I guess that is as far as the ice princess shows emotions... a death glare... Hahaha! X3 Will be fun! That glade looks like Byakuya has PMS! ^_^
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    I simply cant comprehend byakuya losing to this guy. The fact that he's no 7 solidifies this fact. This is a guy who is definitely strong and all, but weaker than grimjow, and he seems to be the kind of straight fighting bad guy. Well i look forward to some senbonzakura action, but i think byakuya will show us a few new bankai jutsus we've not seen before as well as the ones we've seen already before. Byakuya will definitely get injured but i think he's got enough in his tank to defeat this guy, same for mayuri and kenpachi

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