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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoru View Post
    I think we'll finally get to learn something about kakashi's sharingan. Tobi has a big collection of them so he must know everything about MS jutsus and....i also think that tobi's and kakshi's sharingan come from the same person....Obito. I assume this basing it on the similarity of their techniques: Kaksshi uses space time Kamui, tobi manipulates space and time too, just kakashi isn't as skilled in doing so. ANother thing that makes me think that tobi knows about kakashi's sharingan is that when kakashi tried to use kamui on him, he said that justu won't work on him.
    If i go along with that theory, Kakashi'S kamui won't work since he sends things to the place where Tobi vanishes to (he got Deidaras arm back as we all know!

    But I'm getting more & more disappointed in how Kishi gives Naruto ups and downs all the time, first managing to defeat the old invincible Raikage & beeing faster than the actual one while sensing evil spirits about everywhere, then beeing owned by Tobis Jinchuuriki, though he has experience fighting Rinnegan & Sharingan, while loosing track of undoubtedly evil TObi at the same time.

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    Naruto was indeed powerless in this fight. He couldnt lift a finger and was nearly defeated by Tobi .. and I had such high hopes.
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    Yeah, I don't see how Naruto can dodge the Raikage's point blank fist and then get grabbed by Tobi... in his defense, he had some coral goo keeping him pinned, but honestly how hard can that stuff be?

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    All I could think of, watching Naruto get bitch-slapped and pimp-smacked around while having access to every last drop of the power that his dad sacrificed his very life to give him...Was his dad, doing a massive facepalm.

    To see Naruto pinned there after approximately 30 seconds of battle, helpless and about to be defeated by the same enemy that Minato defeated (if temporarily) and prepared his son specifically to defeat; and yet here was his son, throwing away every life sacrificed to get him ready to take on this responsibility.

    It's heart-breaking. Naruto is an utter failure, and a huge disappointment. He is too stupid to be the main character of this manga.


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    That was a pretty awesome chapter, too short for my taste but still good.

    Sucks seeing Naruto being portrayed this way again, just like the fight against Nagato.Kishi really shows a lack of the ability to make credible ways for Naruto to loose/having a hard time in a fight, when he intends to let someone save Naruto.

    The ink clones was kinda of a reuse of the way Sandaime defeated Oro, but was cool and good to see that Bee is capable of performing seals.

    To me this felt allot more like a build up chapter. It was all about dragging things out and making Naruto look stupid so that we can see that Kakashi and Guy is still in the game.

    And hopefully, we will get to see and learn more about Kakashi and his sharingan.

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    Ah, yes, Naruto (the character, not the manga) bash time. It's about time, it was getting annoying how everyone had been gushing over him and his abilities the last couple of chapters.

    One thing to recall, yeah he's got that speed, but Naruto has been fighting multiple fights via his clones, so I'd guess fatigue is starting to catch up to him. Not to mention, while Naruto's top speed is probably faster, the Edo Tensei Jinchuuriki are really damn fast themselves in Level 2 mode. Plus they're coordinating their attacks with the purpose of keeping him off-guard. Now that reinforcements have begun to arrive to assist Naruto, things will be a bit more even.

    It looks like I was wrong that the black rods were just beaming the tailed beast power to the Edo Tensei Jinchuuriki, since one of them was able to fully transform.

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    wasn't expecting kakashi and gai to step in but great to see them there anyway, just felt a little cheated that we didn't get to see kakashi's rampage against the seven swordsmen of the mist, perhaps now kishimoto is making up for that now. a little snippet of the madara vs the kages wouldn't hurt either.

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    Wow! it sure looked bad a moment there

    btw it kinda feels like maybe Gai will go 8-gates and save them/let them escape

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    seemed lame to me as a whole when i read a good chapter i get really excited but that feeling was lacking this week of course 2 v seven is gonna lose did we learn nothing from the art of using decoys? just like the 2nd hokages death.

    i smell some more of kakashis backstory coming

    it also looks like gai opened some gates already

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    I wonder if the Fox is gonna cooperate more with Naruto and allow him to go full 9 tails transformation given how dangerous the situation is.
    I really hope the fox will. I mean we saw in 561 that he helped naruto against edo Madara, and they had that big conversation in chapter 538. Honestly, i thought when Tobi was right on top of him Naruto was gonna rasengan the shit out of him.

    I understand this battle isn't meant for naruto to shine in, but from what we have seen, controlling the kyuubi actually made Naruto weaker than when he didn't control it. I say this because right now, all he gets is massive chakra from the fox. Before, he got chakra and the fox's abillities like making the bijuu bombs instantly and having the fox cloak for extreme protection. Naruto doesn't have an array of powerful jutsu, so massive chakra wouldn't benefit his fighting style as lets say someone like kakashi.

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