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    a great chapter, had lots of action which i liked.

    oh and how great would it be, if kakashi did kage bunshin and dead demon seal and sealed all the jinchuriki on tobi's side, single handedly destroying tobi's plan, sure kakashi would die from it but it would be a heroic and great end to one of my favorite characters, it wont happen ofc, but it would be kinda cool if it did.

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    I was sort of thinking we'd see Kakashi vs Mangetsu still when they said one Mist swordman was left, guess not.
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    Excellent chapter. I know Bee's and Naruto focus was on other Jinchuuriki but how can you take your eye off Tobi. Lucky Guy and Kakashi were waiting in the wings.

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    Hmm.... I'm looking forward to the Eighth gate's release, but I may be asking for too much.
    Also, hopefully now that they have backup they can finally start pushing the offensive.
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    - Wow I thought a Bijuu bomb was coming it was nice to see something different.

    - Ink clones probably similar to Sai's

    - woah Level 2 Jinchuuriki transformation x 6

    - Wow that is the gheyest sounding jutsu of all time "Flower fruit transformation" lol

    - okay trying to keep up with all the lv 2 jutsu

    * 7 Tails = Bug bite - a bite?

    * 2 tails = Cat claw - a slash?

    * 6 tails = Leech gap - Acidic drip

    * 3 tails = Coral fist - Sticky coral like substance grows ?

    * 4 tails = Flower fruit mountain - Geyser of lava element

    * 5 tails = Horn snap - A stabbing with horns

    - Awesome arrival by Kakashi and Gai but I dont think they will be the last to show up.

    - The last second it looked like Tobi was sucking the soul out of Naruto before he landed but it was Naruto's Chakra hand

    This chapter was cut short? 14 pages XD !!!

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    I think we'll finally get to learn something about kakashi's sharingan. Tobi has a big collection of them so he must know everything about MS jutsus and....i also think that tobi's and kakshi's sharingan come from the same person....Obito. I assume this basing it on the similarity of their techniques: Kaksshi uses space time Kamui, tobi manipulates space and time too, just kakashi isn't as skilled in doing so. ANother thing that makes me think that tobi knows about kakashi's sharingan is that when kakashi tried to use kamui on him, he said that justu won't work on him.

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    Great chapter. Naruto was getting beat even more than usual in this chapter. Basically in every panel he was getting smacked around. I think Kishi is doing this to show the peril in the situation Naruto and Bee are in. Its pretty intense.

    Great entrance by Kakashi-sensei and Guy. This'll be interesting. Kakashi's space time jutsu vs Tobi's. I wonder if Kakashi's can interfere with Tobi's? This could be a problem for Tobi, if you ask me.

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    That was PURE EPIC, I never expected Kakashi and Guy to show up... just when the Jinchuuriki really started to power up. I knew they saved the best Edo fight in the war for the last.

    I REALLY want to see Naruto do something now... he's spent far too long looking like a total dunce. It was one thing when it was Bee's send-off, and Naruto was up against a lot of Jinchuuriki who could transform to a higher degree than him... but now Kakashi and Guy are holding their own and looking like badasses, despite being almost assuredly out of their league.

    Hope Kakashi's got some way of keeping his chakra for more than one chapter, because this fight doesn't seem to be ending soon, and we know Kakashi just got back from his Rampage... the stakes are honestly so high right now, it could be more than just Bee that end up as casualties. I never thought the team of Bee, Kakashi, Guy, and Naruto would seem so out of their league. These Edo Jinchuuriki and Tobi are every bit as threatening as Edo Madara.

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    Nice chapter, i did not think they could do a full transformation but now is the time for Kishi to draw the pane with the full 8 and 9 tails standing opposite the others transformed.

    Very short though.
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    I wonder if the Fox is gonna cooperate more with Naruto and allow him to go full 9 tails transformation given how dangerous the situation is.

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