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    Zaraki weak???? bankai doesnt mean weak....more like fighting abilities beyond the simple swordplay kind of stuff....heh waiting to see mayuri n unohana do some real fighting.

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    i think time flow in Hueco Mundo is slower than time flow in human world, hence the espada have time on hand to create history, eg, Nnoitra and Nel.

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    kcarrey, I never really considered a time difference, it sounds interesting but i don't think thats the case, simply because of how it would probably slow the awakening of the Hougyoku.


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    Archiel, not true, since IF 3 human mths = one hollow yr, then the Hougyoku still awaken on time and SS use human world analogy to describe the period in which it awakens. and in east asian mythology, between heaven, earth and hell, there is a distinctive time difference.

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    Those official databooks also say Zaraki is easily the weakest of the Captains. That information makes make him fighting the 5th espada pretty unrealistic. His sword is released, but for all practical purposes it makes no difference whether it is a constantly released type or not because he gains no power from it.
    yea i totaly agree and he did beat tousen when he fought together with the fox captain.

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    it seems espada existed before Aizen arrive at Hueco Mundo, or at least they are the ones that he struck a deal with when he escaped from SS. Noitora said Nel had been in Las Noches for years so either time passes really slow or they already existed. Oh.. Aizen is the one that put the numbers on them isnt he? damn... is this a plothole?

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    luimac, what u mean is, arrancar exist b4 aizen arrive in HM, and espada was created by aizen when he become their KING.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animator000 View Post
    Hmm so the fact they were planning on sending captains in at full strength means that they weren't gonna wait til the Winter? I just realised both Zaraki and Nnoitora have eye patches. When Uluquiora comes back gonna be interesting. Orihime and Unohana have a lot of healing to do and I wonder if Grimmjaw is still alive, and which side he will fight. It seems he would fight anyone off so that he can fight evenly with Ichigo. Will be an awesome fight now though. Wonder if Aizen saw it coming or sends out Tousen, Gin or another Espada.
    I noticed a lot of people are saying Byakuya is gonna easily beat Le Roux but if he is ranked at 7 and Grimjaw was 6, Ichigo and Grimjaw fought evenly and Ichigo has beaten Byakuya so the fight could be more even then you think. Or Byakuya cold clean him up, We'll see thats what makes it interesting now.
    the problem with that is Ichigo has hollow powers AND shingami powers so byakuya could have some problems fighting

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    I think people are thinking that since Ichigo can go hollow or shinigami that he has twice as much power or something like that than a regular 100% captain or a 100% Espada.

    Ichigo = 66.67% Shinigami and 33.33% Hollow in Mask form AKA 100%
    Ichigo =/= 100% Shinigami and 100% Hollow in Mask form AKA 200%

    Hes using more hollow powers and less shinigami powers, not more of both.

    it just depends on what mix gives him optimal strength.
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