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    Bakuman 159 Discussion / 160 Predictions

    Here it is guys:

    God I hope he does it next chap because I really want to see what she will say.
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    100+ pages? Surely another tribute to their previous work, Death Note.

    Hiramaru x Aoki. <3

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    yessss, xD Hiramaru rlly deserves it imo.
    & why am I not surprised that he lost the ring? lol
    Hopefully it'll go well :p

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    If I lost a $50 million yen ring, I would have to start taking horse tranquilizers to calm down. That's more than $600,000!

    WTF? If that's two month's salary, mangakas are loaded. lol.

    How well do you think Mashiro and Takagi are doing? No anime yet, but both series seem to be doing well and selling volumes (not yet Reversi, I suppose).

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    Great chapter. As usual, Hirimaru's shtick is at its best when its not being completely one note... and when its a change of pace from the main storyline.

    Guess its officially time to put down the Fukuda/Aoki flag (of course, it was a while ago, but...i still hope somehow Aoki can be wit fukuda)

    And really, I know this gets said every week, but the series is absolutely reaching its ending point, there's just no doubting it. Especially with two arcs about the leads in a row (first with Eiji, now the main two) about being able to end a series when its time rather than draw it out past the proper ending... I'll miss it when its done, but it'll be nice to have a series that wraps in under 5 years and 20 volumes for a change.

    Tho I wouldn't complain about a spinoff of some sort.

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