this is the fanboy in me talking but if kishimoto, after naruto ended would do a akatsuki chronicles thing that would show under what circumstances all the members joined.

for oro pain itachi and deidara this has already been done each to a certain extent. but characters like kisame have had mentions but nothing too tangible and characters like sasori, kakuzu and hidan are total mysteries. they were basically living to die... fodder.

also all of the jinchurikki kidnappings could be shown in all their glory. i am still very bitter on how their battles were all off-screen.

some of this stuff has been covered in the fanbook or whatever its called but that seems cheap and rushed to me.

also kishimoto could do a thing where he showed all of the famous battles from naruto lore(madara v hashirama- tsuchikage vs mizukage etc.) or a what would have happened thing. (kisame itachi vs Sage Mode Jiraya. - zetsu v naruto kakashi sakura)

i mean its such a moneymaker that theres no reason to stop it and fanboys like me are gonna be fiending for everything but fillers

what do u guys think