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    Shanks and his power

    When Redbeard met with Whitebeard on his ship did Redbeard have a DF power and thats why his "presence" was so great making people faint and tearing the boat up? Or was it just "him" and his presence.

    Im thinking its just him but thats pretty crazy that he can tear up a boat with just his being...

    What do you guys think?
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    Ummm, redbeard, don't you mean Red Haired.

    I don't think that Shanks has a power, although it seems that many or most of the stronger characters that have appeared in the series do. Although he may have one I just wouldn't be too happy if he did (don't know why).


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    LOL Red Beard why don't you just call him Shanks?

    It would seem he doesn't have a power since he knows not to eat devil fruits and when Luffy fell in the water Shanks saved him. I doubt in 10 years Shanks would eat a fruit after that since he was already extremely powerful.

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    I highly doubt it. We've seen Zoro use aura-related techniques too, haven't we? I think some people in One Piece have a strong enough spirit to use it for attacks.

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    I doubt this guy has any powers.
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    shanks can't be called red beard, he has no beard!
    and it wasn't his aura making people faint, it was whitebeard's
    you should reread a couple of chapters cuz you don't really seem to remember the way it all went down...

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    Whitebeard's crew were fainting as Shanks walked past. Not the other way round.

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    blood is thicker than water. luffy cant swim in water. theres some logic in there
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    It's "Red-Haired", not "Redbeard"...

    Red Haired Shanks was a former rival of the world's greatest swordsman-Dracule Mihawk. That implies that he is equally as great, however not superior to Mihawk. That fact alone makes him the world's second greatest swordsman. What else do you need? It is apparent that Shanks has no devil fruit power as he is capable of swimming. Shanks' "battle spirit" can best be explained as physical manifestation of his killing intent - an ability that Zoro has demonstrated during his battle against Kaku. It's nothing special.

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    If Shanks was to have gained a Devil Fruit ability (after the time-jump from before Luffy started his adventure) I'd be disappointed. We've seen plenty of strong guys backed up by devil fruits and less than a handful of people who have great abilities as humans. I don't think he has a DF, though. It was mentioned in the chapter -- I think -- that it was his presence causing people to faint.
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    Mario you are now punted from my thread for being a bozo...

    And he DOES have a beard, its just scruffy, so to appease everyone he will now be renamed Redscruff...

    So people don't think he could have a DF power just because he was shown swimming to save Luffy back, what, 6 years ago? And he couldn't possibly have gotten his hands on a truely awesome DF that would make him super powerful? Or maybe he needed the power of a DF to save one of his crewmen from some situation that if he didn't have that power his crewmate would die? I believe Redscruff might have a powerful aura and thats why people were fainting and the boat was getting buss up but the 3 top pirates gotta have one right? Whitebeard, Redscruff, Blackbeard, right? Luffy is a great pirate but were not talking about him now, plus he has one too.
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