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    wow, more great entries. mine doesn't seem too late now =] [and i like my time zone all of a sudden].

    phoenixis can draw hands well, i hate drawing hands. ukitake looks great there and hitsugaya's expression is amusing, and don't worry, i almost didn't make it in time either ;]

    blaineo, i like your submission for this month, but the current banner is fantastic as well, nice composition.

    best of luck everyone =] it's been fun watching what everyone thought up and made. thanks blud and anyone else here who was involved in running this as well, i had fun participating...and i'll stop commenting in here now, i don't want to make it hard to find the announcements ;]
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    forgive the lack of caps and shift-key induced punctuation. it's unavoidable, not intentional. thanks.

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    rest in peace Ajiraiya's Avatar
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    It's too 2nd banner's not finished yet...
    But..its okay, i would submit the 2nd in next contest, eventhough there's no prizes added..

    My 1st entry, i'm counting on you! Ganbatte ne..

    Btw, deception, your entry is awesum too
    Did you crop it? Cz i was a bigger image..

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    There a little less than six hours left in the competition, Ajiraya. If you're already done with your second entry, you can still enter it. o_o

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    like kiriska said, the time's still not up. if you can, you should enter the second entry you made ajiraiya, if it's finished =] although your first one's really good, so unless your second is a lot better i wouldn't worry. i especially like the colouring on ichigo's hair in it, and everyone's expressions are hilarious

    thanks a lot ajiraiya it's really cool you like it.
    hm, nope. i designed it almost exactly the resolution it needed to be, it's smaller than it was though. it just looks cropped because i thought if i drew the sleigh at an angle i could fit as much of it as possible in the picture which could hold people. weird reasoning, but i found it difficult working with the really low long image size of the banner, and fitting in everyone and everything i wanted. pictures like yours and kiriska's seem to fit the banner format better, but i think even kiriska's was cropped.

    if i enter this contest again someday i'm going to plan out the picture to better fit the size before i start. i need to learn how to colour digitally as well, i winged it on this one.
    forgive the lack of caps and shift-key induced punctuation. it's unavoidable, not intentional. thanks.

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    I like the prizes !! ... i hope you like my creatioooon

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