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    Bleach Zaraki_1

    this is my first banner upload. I shall upload a couple varaiations later today, hope you like 'em.

    P.S. : ZARAKI RULES!!!

    Just changed the text on this one.

    changed the background colour and the text. Comments would be appreciated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feano View Post
    I hope anyone who will win this will donate Rukia's glove to me! or volume 1 of Naruto...
    Yeah and I really don`t mind if you didn`t want d. gray-man vol 1 to take it for you.
    But this competition has had some awsome entries. To the point where you actually dont mind losing. except for the prizes ofcourse. But I hope even if there are no prizes next month everybody still enters this much stuff.

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    Yeah. My friend and I were gonna enter and if either of us win, we were gonna split the prizes between us and our friend.
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    I Just put my second one on the colored pencel idea was'nt very good
    is there a good program i can use to color it...... thats free

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    uh can i see it?
    nvm lol there it is
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryu_Sawamura View Post
    I Just put my second one on the colored pencel idea was'nt very good
    is there a good program i can use to color it...... thats free
    The two choices I can think of off the top of my head are Open Canvas (not mac compatible) or GIMP. OC isn't free, but it has a 30-day trial you can use IIRC.

    Of those two, Open Canvas is better for drawing/coloring/is also more popular so you can look up tuts and whatnot over at deviantart.

    I wouldn't mind linking you to their download pages but my browser is acting up. -_- Just googling the names should get you what you need though.

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    Just to add to what Kou said-- there's actually an older version of OC that's free, and it's probably still kicking around on the internet somewhere. Just search Opencanvas and download and you should be able to find it no problem.

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    Jyoti, your entry is terrific. :] I love the hair and eyes and it's such a cute idea.

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    Bleach Kon is my hero!

    Aizen is my all time favourite character in BLEACH. Even if you've been bad, you'll still get a present.

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    I think every has already said this already, but aaghahhhhhhh, kiddo, yours is amazing. ;;

    I also really like Patrik_h88's. It's awesomely original and well-executed, but I kinda don't think it's what MangaShare is looking for. :x

    Mreghhh. I really don't want to wait two days for results. XD

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