I watched quite a few anime series and i am never satisfied with the endings, specially all those 12-26 episode series.

Are there any series where at the end we get to see a happy ending, like after the final fight or conflict has been resolved, we get to see how the characters new happy life is. Specially in the romantic way, a lot of times they never get to finish the romantic aspect of series.

All the series i watched are either a sad ending, or "what a hell just happened" ending, or "wtf thats it?", and the romantic aspect of the series with "who did he pick at the end?" or "come on, she is right there, just say u like her u @%$&^# moron" so please if u know any series that has a happy ending, please post it here.

I am not sure about the spoiler rule, so just to be sure make sure to use the spoiler button thing to show the info. :beer