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    This is my entry for the contest, I know it's late but I hope I can still participate. I'm not good with with deadlines you see... it's not completely finished yet. But I will finish it! please consider me. I worked really hard on this.

    link to my drawing on deviantart: naruto banner mangashare by ~mangalori on deviantART

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    done on photoshop, i recently learned how to change brush presets and stuff so this was quite fun to do =)

    1st time i've drawn and coloured on photoshop w/ tablet, cus unfortunately my scanner is nowhere to be found ='(

    also it was a bigger drawing at 1st, but then it wouldn't fit so i had to cut it... newayzzzz

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    my entry

    Hello all! Here's my entry (BTW, sorry for my bad english)

    A tribute to Jiraiya -sama....that maybe will die, rest in peace, in next Naruto chapter....
    i guess this is a nice idea to combine it with xmas/december theme...

    It took about an hour to sketch and ink, 1 day to color with PS.'s really painful to color with just by mouse!!!...coz i got no graphictablet.
    but I'm quite happy with the results!
    i tried my best to fit the picture to 800x200 px size banner... so that there's no empty space in the final result banner....

    story of the banner :
    Naruto, luffy and ichigo need to meet ask for some xmas gifts..
    then Naruto use "summon(kuchiyose) no jutsu" to call Santa....
    And the one who showing up is....Jiraiya-Santa....not Santa Ahahaha....
    At least he would give some "icha icha series" for free....

    there are some versions of my banner entry... Hope you like these (tribute to Jiraiya) banners....

    and here is the bigger image >>> banner

    actually.....i still have an nice idea for other banner entry....
    hope i could make it in time...

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    I just figured I'd take a shot at the banner. Heh, it's all bright and cheery. I'm new here, and figured, what the heck, this is how I'm saying hello. I sketched this and then drew and colored it in Adobe Illustrator...I hate coloring in Illustrator...I am VERY jealous of all you people with Photoshop!!! But yay for vector images!

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    just ask me :)
    hello, I only want to post a better versions of my entries no new ones, sorry :( just no time... I wanna win *crossfingers*

    Kiddo, great job!! congrats, your entry is awesome!!! If you win can you donate to me the manga of D.Gray-Man please?? O.O XDDDDD hahahaha

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    okay so here's my first one but i probably won't be able to put up the second one 'cuz i'll be in stupid school tomarrow.
    92% Of teens have moved onto rap. If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music, copy this

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    My first time posting! I worked really hard on these and I hope they're ok (kinda ran out of time though =P). Thanks for the contest!


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    There's still time for me to enter, right?;;; I think?

    I dunno where the genei ryodan from Hunter x Hunter rates as far as mainstream goes, but there's already a bunch of good Naruto/One Piece/Bleach entries so I don't think it matters orz.

    Sorry for being really really last minute, if this entry counts. I have no time management skills, apparently.

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    Entry thread is now closed. The winner will be announced when the staff voting has been completed - hopefully soon.

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