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    Just finished 3 new banner

    Last edited by Vizard; 11-13-2007 at 12:57 PM. Reason: reupload banner
    Thanks for the fast releases every week.

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    Also in Christmas mode with Naruto and Hollow Ichigo ^_^
    With a sentence like: "During Christmas even the bad guys don't do harm"
    But I'm gonna do more... I want those prizes!!!


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    Here's mine, and that's Orihime.

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    I heard you guys were having a contest so I figured I'd throw something together.
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    My banners are:

    Choose your preferite... I make this by myself obviously, my gallery is in the signature, if you want any commission, contact me in deviantart byeee.

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    nu yahk, us of a

    Here's mine... it's Sakura who's there..... but it doesn't look like her >_>
    And it was freakin hard to vector my rough sketch...but I'm proud of it.
    notice the volume 1 of bleach in the corner
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    Naruto My entry

    is there a limit to how many we can submit? i have a few more ideas i might do

    <<Woofcat//Edit>> No you can submit as many as you like.

    "Kidneys, Naruto. Kidneys."

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    Here's mine.

    I wanted to do crossover ;0; but I like DGM so much I could help myself.

    I think I may do some others but this is the first one.


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    pictures that i drew pic anyone that ya like

    <<Woofcat//edit>> Moved post to own thread in Graphics, Coloring & Fanart. Post was not a banner entry

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