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    Hoboy... Okay. This is cropped at three different heights because I couldn't decide which one was the best. :X But I've also linked the original at the bottom in case you can think of an even better way to crop it.

    The full version* of the picture is here: Holiday Carols by *Kiriska on deviantART

    Also, just for kicks, here's a holiday picture I did last year cropped.

    Full version*: Can't Fool Santa by *Kiriska on deviantART

    * I have even bigger full versions at around 2400x1000 and 1600x1500 respectively; please let me know if you need these. o_o

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    Bleach Oops...

    I accidently posted my entries in the discussion thread. Sorry and thank Kami-sama I made it in time (wipes sweat off of brow!). Hope you guys like 'em.

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    Which One Is The Naughtiest?!

    My entry's finally done, mainly because I got caught up with work and whatnot, then looked at the calendar and made a mad dash for art supplies to actually meet the deadline.

    He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake... XD

    Personally, Kenpachi delivering gifts on Christmas (and keeping all the boys and girls of the world in line) is a terrifying thought. Final media are a Micron .01, .05 and .08 points, a fine point black Sharpie, and Prismacolor markers. Best of luck to everybody else in the contest, there's a lot of solid entries. ^_^
    Capital letters make the difference between "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse" and "i helped my uncle jack off a horse."

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    please let me know if this is too dark to see. i've been told laptop computers have brighter screens, it's what i made it on and what my friends have so i have no way of telling how normal monitors would view it.

    i used arcsoft photostudio 2000. it's my first almost 100 percent computer drawn/coloured picture, which probably explains a few things.

    edit; my post says the 30th but midnight was only 22 minutes ago =/ ...i really hope i didn't miss out because it wouldn't upload sooner.
    forgive the lack of caps and shift-key induced punctuation. it's unavoidable, not intentional. thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decepticon View Post
    edit; my post says the 30th but midnight was only 22 minutes ago =/ ...i really hope i didn't miss out because it wouldn't upload sooner.
    It's still 29th in Germany xD
    That's problematic when everyone has an other timezone oô

    edit: oh sorry, thought this is the discussion thread >_<

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    There is still approximately 23 hours remaining until we'll close the entries. I plan on shutting this down at 11 AM EST tomorrow so that we can hopefully get it judged before the scanlations start.

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    This is my entry for the contest, sorry it's a bit bigger : 800x220
    hope you don't mind it

    The picture is my CGing from Photoshop....

    Link for the pic:D.Gray man- banner contest by ~gerberaMF on deviantART
    Last edited by gerberaMF; 11-30-2007 at 02:17 PM. Reason: The picture didn't show properly, trying to fix it

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    Did this come late? I live somewhere, so i dont know about the time zones....
    Yagami backwards...?

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    Bleach My Entry!

    Hello all! Here is my entry for the December Banner Contest featuring several characters from Bleach!!! Woot! XD

    First off, I did several sketches before I settled on this one. It took about a day to draw, a day to ink, 2 days to color and re-ink, and one to day to do the background and the lettering. At one point I had to re-do the entire background because my art program decided to close computer and I shared some strong words XD All in all, I'm very happy with the results! I mean where else can you see Byakuya in a Rudolph costume, complete with red nose?! XD Anyhoo, enjoy! Good luck to everyone as well!!!

    The first entry below is the 800x200. The second is slightly larger to show more of the drawing ( and includes Kon! XD ) and the last entry at the bottom is the largest and is the original drawing that can be cropped and such XD


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    Hope I`m not too late...

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