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    Hello everyone!
    I have now created this banner for this contest by using Photoshop, however it need to back it up with some information so everyone understand the logic behind it.

    I painted everything myself incase you wonder.

    Well since its soon December the snow is coming, so I really wanted it to have a important role in the banner, as you can see its a big cloud is forming and its starting to snow over these small floating islands.

    Each of the islands got a different "theme", the first one is Naruto, as you can see with the Konoha mark in the grass and a Konoha tree, next one is One Piece with the pirate flag yarr!, the one after is abit hard to see but its suppose to be Bleach with Soul Society and thats about as far as you can see.

    The big clouds to the right is suppose to be some kind of "summer" clouds, but the snow is soon taking over, also there is some small very blue spots on the sky, it kinda makes it looks like the summer sky was there but most of it is gone now.

    There is some more details to point out before im done, the Tree on the Naruto island is dropping some leafs, hard to see but u might see a few leafs if you look closly, its because the summer is over, and to the left of the picture in the center you can see some water waves, its the water Luffys crew sailed on to get into the Grand line, the water that streamed upwards into the moutains, its suppose to symbolise "a new adventure awaits" which kinda is next year event 2008.

    The last part of the Banner is the red/white/red and yellow colors which is all around the picture, its there to create some speed into the whole Banner, leading you into the picture as the spiral goes from the very edges of the banner to the center of the picture, the snow is also taking over from where the spiral of colors ends, which creates more speed into the picture and leads it back to were it began.

    the colors on the speed lines is from the naruto logo, its because, even if you dont really know were the colors is from ,its still kinda whispersyou "naruto!" somewere deep inside your brain, or you might stare at the banner for a while and think, Ah these colors really reminds of something, maybe the naruto logo, oh wait its a manga banner! ofc it is Naruto.

    Also I tried to make a unqiue banner by not using any manga drawings, instead using the suroundings, different elements and colors.

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    Here's another one:

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    hear is my last one...... sorry i used colored pencels
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    tee hee, first photoshop thing i ever made!

    Yagami backwards...?

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    Ok here is small version:

    And bigger:

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    Made a V2

    And my last entry ^_^

    and one with no text ^_^

    and finally Merry Christmas and a happy new year! ^_^
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    just made your jobs harder.

    sorry... >.> guess i got a bit carried away...

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    even more

    ... also.... i trimmed most of them as much as i could to meet the 800x200 req. ^_^;


    again... ^_^;; sorry there's so many..... >.>; there's no limit of how many we could enter, right?

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    Since everyone is making versions and stuff, I suppose I might as well too. xD

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    Ah. Hope I'm not too late.

    My own original digital painting, cropped to 800x250

    Original work:

    Naruto - First Snowfall

    They saw the white puffs fall.
    Then Naruto said "Let's GO!" and stole the sled right under the chubby man's nose and invited his friends for a ride.

    And that was the first snowfall of Konoha.
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