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    still working on them

    kay, new here, seen the contest at the end of one of the bleach chapters. soooo I decided to give it a try! ^_^; still working on a bunch of different layouts.
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    My friend made this:

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    just ask me :)

    Talking My December Banner Entry!

    I wanna join this, here is my one:

    Can I subbmit more works?

    woofcat edit: as many as you like.
    there is other entry, I think i'm done...

    and an alternative d.gray-man version:

    ok, thats all, thank you.
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    to a chii-tastic christmas.

    image from chobit's artbook, "your eyes only".
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    (x_o)'s entry is uber cute XD

    waaaiiiit. something awesomer.

    wah I'm copying your idea >.<

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    Hey! Whazz up? Well I guess it won't hurt to try so here goes my entry. I know it ain't much and by the look of it the competition will be a killer but I hope you vote for me. I still believe in Christmas miracle

    And if the anime colored scenes are allowed:

    I must say that I draw and colored Ichimaru by myself. Here's the pic after coloring

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    Here's my second entry

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    UHmmm.. here's my entry... just want to try it out T__T although it's not a naruto or onepiece or bleach fanart T_T.
    ohhh... how do I post my work? T_T

    (Edited the image into the forum for you

    Next time you want to embed an image into the forum use these tags: [img]Post link here[/img]

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    a better one for christmas thn my last 1

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    ohh thank you for editing it ^__^

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