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    Esper/Manga-ka/MartialArt Ryu_Sakuyai's Avatar
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    heres mine yo...... and no thats not naruto

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    i got very bored and drew this and colored it in photoshop >_>

    (Edit: made background more eye friendly and in different colors)

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    My entry, I added lots of effects, I hope it's okay though... I can redo it if not.

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    Well it base on an original fanart of mine (only fanart of mine... 8-( ) and add ups of the original manga/anime. No way it wins but want to show.

    I notice I forgot a tip at the top the first two banners, if wanted I can fix it if someone wants a copy.
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    My first Fan art. Hope you like it.

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    Thanks for the fast releases every week.

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    My versions

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    Hitsugaya themed. Cuz whos more Christmasy than Histugaya? XD

    Maybe Ill make another one... later... >.>

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    Well, I'm brand new to MangaShare, and I figured this would be a good way to introduce myself! I realize that, although it's 800 pixels long, the height is 244. Sorry that it's over 200! Feel free to eliminate it, but I couldn't bring myself to crop it any more height-wise. But you could crop it to better fit your specifications if you would like. Anyways, here's my banner (I put three versions up, I hope that's okay, one with 'happy holidays', one with 'manga share' and another one that has no text, so that you could put whatever text you like):

    Oh, green world, don't desert me now.

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    Well, here's mine ^-^, and I hope you like it. The resize kind of killed it though(I was disappointed 'cause the tree isn't clear...and I spent a lot of time doing every little detail by hand..err... mouse)
    Bigger size -->

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