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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    We just call them OPtards. Simple as that.
    Please don't, when I see OPtards, I think O-Parts and link it to Satan 666 (IIRC O-Parts Hunters in USA).

    This fight isn't over yet, Ginjou supposedly still posses his shinigami powers, which he didn't use yet (I think), he might have a bankai as well.

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    From now on people keep on topic like you've been doing for the last 5 or 6 posts. No trolling. Go talk about what's going on in Naruto/One Piece in its sections not here.

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    Ginjou is Ichigo's opposite. and as i said before, he's baiting him to unleash all his power, so he can steal it.

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    Next chapter Ichigo get's his beatdown with Ginjou still continuing to talk.

    Also, captains tuberculosis is the true villain?...Buéno....I guess I now understand why Wonderweiss (had to google his name ugh) who Tousen said is attracted to "pure" things and despise "filthy" things first order of business was to take out the "trash", that being captain tuberculosis himself. Or maybe he just wanted to cure his tuberculosis but had a weird way to go about it.

    Just you wait, captain tuberculosis's bankai will cure his tuberculosis, then he'll start owning everybody with these stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! New Bankai!!!!! i hope!!???? This is interesting. Ichigo doesnt care about anything Ginjo is tellling him. But, if its true then we were all fooled (see my sig). If it was Urahara, I would have thought: *cough*, *cough*, I knew it !!!! But, Ukitake!!! of all people, I would have nerver guessed. I would've guessed Toushiro before him, and then expect Toushiro to say, "I'm cold as ice b!tch", but not cough up blood every now and then. I need an explanation as soon as possible, like right now.
    Yes, new Bankai, but the Plot is so long that I can't even remember what happend ........

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    Quote Originally Posted by annhu2011 View Post
    Yes, new Bankai, but the Plot is so long that I can't even remember what happend ........

    Considering Kubo's slow writing style, this comment is highly hilarious and probably unwittilingly ironic.
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