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    Quick translation of last part:

    546 The man who isn't anyone.
    Naruto. I finally bumped into the masked man!!!
    With their head hitting each other, both (Tobi and Naruto) are sent flying back.
    Bee catches Naruto.

    Bee: Get a hold of yourself, Naruto. Ah, you idiot...
    Naruto: Damn... Hard... I didn't even get beyond a crack in...

    Tobi: Whew... This mask has never been scratched even once... The kyuubi's power is under control, that's why.
    Bee: Naruto
    (Old Man): Lava release: Shakukaryuugan no jutsu
    A lava rock comes falling.

    Naruto: Hot!
    Bee: It is!
    When they dodge...
    Yagura: Water release: Mizukagami no jutsu (water mirror)
    Naruto: It's being reflected back at me
    Bee's attacks are also reflected
    Naruto: (The same power....!!)
    Bee: Guuh
    He does an attack that breaks the mirror, when it breaks, he is surrounded by a soap bubble.
    Bee: !!?
    Naruto touches the bubble and it explodes
    Naruto: Gah!!
    Utakata: Suiton: Utakata no jutsu (surface bubble)
    A lot of soap bubble fly out
    Bee: Naruto!!
    Naruto: ...ugh
    Utakata's fingers make a sound.
    The soap bubbles explode all at once.
    Bee puts Naruto in Hachibi's tentacle.
    (That's a summary, the spoiler writer was forced to read there.)
    Tobi ... kukuku...
    Bee/Naruto: !?
    Tobi Kuku... It doesn't matter if you call me Tobi as usual. War has begun now, names are inconsequential.
    Madara... Tobi... It's all the same.
    Naruto... You...Who do you think you are to say that!?
    Tobi I am no one... Or anyone, I wonder?... As long as the the moon's eye plan is fulfilled, it's all that matters
    There is nothing but total despair. The world's existence has no value.
    Naruto: ...
    Tobi: You jinchuuriki are given the bijuu power as human sacrifices. You see nothing but despair coming.. Am I not right?
    If that's the case, this despair is something you probably understand
    Naruto: ... Don't just randomly decide that being a jinchuuriki is a misfortune!
    Kyuubi: ...
    Bee: ...
    Naruto: Or that this world has no value! Getting into wars for no reason, I think just accepting as it is is deception.
    Just like that... Changing your face and using this and that name, how many more times!?
    You are you! I will absolutely take that mask off!!
    Bee: At any rate, I'm proceeding!! Weeeeeeeeeee....
    Tobi: It'll take a lot more than that to get off this mask
    Tensei Nichuu Chikara Sentou taisei (Ressurected human sacrifice power: battlefield awareness)
    Bee ee... ee!?
    Naruto ...!!
    Tobi: Hachibi, Kyuubi, I will have you... I will have the moon's eye!!

    Two men, unyielding!!! The End

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    Whomever said that the edo-jinchuuriki don't have their bijuu-granted powers... well, they do.
    I am an artist, and my medium is death. I'm about to create my masterpiece :s

    Fan of the Rasengan Doujutsu theory, even though it's dead. Although, he does have the special Uzumaki clan blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost of Madara View Post

    ナルト ビー VS 転生人柱力
    Naruto and Bee vs. Edo Jinchuuriki

    Naruto wasn't even able to lay a scratch/crack on Tobi's skull

    Inconclusive till next week


    Getting that hit on his head was just for effect. Not one scratch/crack was left on him.

    The fight against the other Jinchuuriki begins.

    The jinchuuriki each have one eye with Sharingan and one eye with Rinnegan.

    仮面マダラの仮面も特別性で戦闘用の頑丈な仮面。もともと左目を隠していたが実は仮面マダラも 輪廻眼。
    The masked Madara's mask is a special kind; a sturdy one for fighting. And though it's hidden at first, the left eye of the masked Madara also has Rinnegan

    Madara says: "Tobi, me whatever"

    After Madara and Naruto's talk, the issue ends with all the Jinchuuriki unleashing the power of their bijuu.

    Has the Madara=Obito theory gone away? His right eye is Sharingan, and his left eye is Rinnegan.
    Quote Originally Posted by bearzerger View Post
    Full Script by Ohana

    Quote Originally Posted by Yagami1211 View Post
    546 : My name is Nobody.

    Naruto finally clash with the front man.
    Tobi and Naruto are blow off from the clash, Bee catch Naruto.
    Bee : Calm down, Naruto. Mozafucka !
    Naruto : Damn, it's hard. Not even a crack.

    Tobi : You're lucky I didn't slip though this. You didn't even cracked my mask. The power you got by controlling the Kyuubi. This is not all you got, I hope.
    Bee/Naruto : !!
    Roshi : Yoton - Shaku Karyuu Gan no Jutsu ( Miraculous Stream Rock ).
    Lava fall.

    Naruto : HOT !
    Bee : Yo !!
    When they try to dodge.
    Yagura : Suiton : Mizugagami no Jutsu ( Reflecting Water ).
    Naruto attacks himself in the water mirror, bee too attacks himself in the mirror.
    Naruto : The same power !
    Bee : Huuh ...
    After the attack, the water mirror splits itself and turns into Soap Bubbles.
    Bee : !!?
    As the bubbles attacks Naruto, the bubbles explodes.

    Naruto : Haa !
    Utakata : Suiton - Houmatsu no Jutsu ( bubble on surface of liquid )
    Bee : Naruto !
    Naruto : Nnn ...
    When Utakata moves his fingers, all the bubbles explodes at once.
    Bee rescue Naruto with one of Hachibi's tentacle.
    Naruto : Thank you, Bee !
    Bee : !!
    The air around them starts sparkling !
    Fuu : Hiden - Rinpen Kakure no Jutsu
    Everything seems very bright.
    Yugito attacks Bee
    Han attacks Naruto
    Bee and Naruto blocks.
    Bee : The sunglasses are high class !

    Naruto : I can sense you evildoers any time I want.
    ( What awesome power ! )
    Han and Yugito have been restrained, Naruto and Bee jumps back.

    Hachibi: ( Yugito is even there ... Thoses guys are former Jinchuurikis. Furthermore they have both Sharingan and Rinnegan, their lives have been stolen and they've been given such gross eyes. Poor Yugito. )

    Bee : Seeing them with those eyes piss me off ... But I'm relieved this won't be the case for me.

    Hachibi : ( If you don't want to become like this, you'd better get serious. )

    Naruto : He haves the same eyes as Madara. But his mask is different, it haves two holes now.

    Tobi : This mask is different from the last one, this one is fit for battle.

    Naruto : So the other eye that was hidden was a Rinnegan after all. Just like the other Madara and Nagato.

    Tobi : !?

    Naruto : You both Madara will fall !

    Tobi : You said Both ?

    Naruto : ... !?

    Tobi remembers when Kabuto summonded the dead Madara and the former Akatsuki.

    Tobi : Damn you, Kabuto.

    Bee : Who are you guys, anyway ? Madara is the other guy right ? Mozafucka !
    Tobi : ... huhuhu ...
    Naruto : !?

    Tobi : Huhu ... Then you can call me with my old name Tobi, you know. Now that this war started, I have no further use for a name. Tobi, Madara ... use whatever you want.

    Naruto : You ... Who the hell are you ?

    Tobi : I'm nobody. I don't want to be anybody. All that matters to me is the final completition of the Eye of the moon plan.

    This world where dispair is everywhere is not worth existing.

    Naruto : ...

    Tobi : You Jinchuuriki, you saw despair everywhere since the day you got a Bijuu, Am I wrong ?

    I though you people would understand what true despair is, even if it's just a little bit.
    Naruto : Just because we are one with a Bijuu, don't start getting the wrong idea.
    Kyuubi : ...
    Bee : ...

    Naruto : This world is worthless for you ? You went as far as starting a war for it. You : A random no name. You think you can fool us ?
    Even though you're trying to fool us and hiding your face like a coward with a lame mask ...
    You are yourself : an asshole !
    You piss me off ! I'm gonna tear apart that mask of yours !

    Bee : I'm going first ! Wweeeeeeeeee !

    Tobi : You want to break my mask ? You'll have your bones broken.
    Tensou : Jinchuuriki Sentou Taisei ! ( Hosts Battle Condictions, I suppose he uses the other Jin's powers. )

    Bee : EEEeee ...
    Naruto : !!

    Tobi : Kyuubi, Hachibi. Don't worry, you'll fall into my hands ... The eye of the moon will happen !

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    Something tells me at the rate the edo-madara fight is going, Kakashi might be teleported to the edo-madara location and use the death god seal that Minato taught him since Minato was his squad leader? who agrees?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    Whomever said that the edo-jinchuuriki don't have their bijuu-granted powers... well, they do.
    Obviously we can now put an end to the debate. Edo Tensei does much more than use The Edo Zombie's DNA to Recreate them. It does that, but it also restores them to whatever state they were in at the Point in Time when they were Resurrected to.

    *** In Other Words, Nagato wasn't necessarily born with the Rinnegan

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nano View Post
    Seems a little too much going on for me to take the spoiler seriously. It was also posted on Onemanga last Aga - Could Tobi use White Zetsu's to help extract it? Or at a stretch the 6 paths?
    Nice one Nano.. d*dn't think about that. To answer your question; it's possible, if you think about it. Tobi only needs several other shinobi's, who give the same amount of chakra for executing the sealing technique of Gedou Mazou.

    Quote Originally Posted by mo916 View Post
    The Jinnchuriki needs to be half-dead though, or else Bee can just counterattack Tobi.
    I know,.. and I probably didn't explained myself very well in my post. I've been saying from the beginning, that Killer Bee WILL DIE and be captured. So, that's why I said: Tobi can wharp him away etc.

    EVEN IF, the spoilers are fake; thankzzzz Rokudaime Sennin for the wake up call , I still believe that;

    1. their heads 2 heads was meant, so his mask will break ( maybe I'm getting blind, but you can see clearly a crack on his mask )
    2. I said it from the beginning; Naruto and Killer Bee ( the only real left jinchirikuu's ), are going to be the ones, who're going to fight edo- jinchirikuu's. This way, Tobi won't be needed there anymore to keep his path connected, but during that battle; Killer Bee will be injured and captured by Madara.
    3. It's fckin TOO SOON, for Tobi to fight Naruto.. and if it does plays out like this: then this would be, the very first disappointment of Sensei Kishi, for me :(
    4. Onoki dying is still going to happen

    Well guys; the fun is over Normally; there're always valid spoilers on this forum, interesting..
    ... You're Dead 2 Me Now ...

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    No I dont think so we got 5 Kages on him they will be alright. Someone might die in the process but they can handle him. I could see Onooki going out like a hero taking out both Edo Madara & Edo Muu some how sealing them both.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Onnoki is all healed up now, he might just be able to use his dust element on Madara or Muu.

    I still want to know what happens when an ET Zombie is destroyed to the atomic level. How can a zombie regenerate if there is no substance to regenerate from....?

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
    Growing Old Gracefully is an Oxymoron ... Mostly Moron !

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