Quick translation of last part:

546 The man who isn't anyone.
Naruto. I finally bumped into the masked man!!!
With their head hitting each other, both (Tobi and Naruto) are sent flying back.
Bee catches Naruto.

Bee: Get a hold of yourself, Naruto. Ah, you idiot...
Naruto: Damn... Hard... I didn't even get beyond a crack in...

Tobi: Whew... This mask has never been scratched even once... The kyuubi's power is under control, that's why.
Bee: Naruto
(Old Man): Lava release: Shakukaryuugan no jutsu
A lava rock comes falling.

Naruto: Hot!
Bee: It is!
When they dodge...
Yagura: Water release: Mizukagami no jutsu (water mirror)
Naruto: It's being reflected back at me
Bee's attacks are also reflected
Naruto: (The same power....!!)
Bee: Guuh
He does an attack that breaks the mirror, when it breaks, he is surrounded by a soap bubble.
Bee: !!?
Naruto touches the bubble and it explodes
Naruto: Gah!!
Utakata: Suiton: Utakata no jutsu (surface bubble)
A lot of soap bubble fly out
Bee: Naruto!!
Naruto: ...ugh
Utakata's fingers make a sound.
The soap bubbles explode all at once.
Bee puts Naruto in Hachibi's tentacle.
(That's a summary, the spoiler writer was forced to read there.)
Tobi ... kukuku...
Bee/Naruto: !?
Tobi Kuku... It doesn't matter if you call me Tobi as usual. War has begun now, names are inconsequential.
Madara... Tobi... It's all the same.
Naruto... You...Who do you think you are to say that!?
Tobi I am no one... Or anyone, I wonder?... As long as the the moon's eye plan is fulfilled, it's all that matters
There is nothing but total despair. The world's existence has no value.
Naruto: ...
Tobi: You jinchuuriki are given the bijuu power as human sacrifices. You see nothing but despair coming.. Am I not right?
If that's the case, this despair is something you probably understand
Naruto: ... Don't just randomly decide that being a jinchuuriki is a misfortune!
Kyuubi: ...
Bee: ...
Naruto: Or that this world has no value! Getting into wars for no reason, I think just accepting as it is is deception.
Just like that... Changing your face and using this and that name, how many more times!?
You are you! I will absolutely take that mask off!!
Bee: At any rate, I'm proceeding!! Weeeeeeeeeee....
Tobi: It'll take a lot more than that to get off this mask
Tensei Nichuu Chikara Sentou taisei (Ressurected human sacrifice power: battlefield awareness)
Bee ee... ee!?
Naruto ...!!
Tobi: Hachibi, Kyuubi, I will have you... I will have the moon's eye!!

Two men, unyielding!!! The End