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ok, first off, that's not ohana's blog, she only posts japanese script on 4chan, (2chan or whateverchan), that's a fake ohana. second, those spoilers are fake, least unconfirmed. third, the translators are laughing it up on the NF forums at the fake attempt. fourth, the NF boards would've blown up if the spoilers were indeed out.


this was only a week break for naruto, we had OP, and bleach last week, so there should be no way that there would be early spoilers on monday, that would only happen if there was no jump at all last week which was not the case.

Oh and those who fell for shinhan's troll, should be ashamed of urselves, u should know the drill by now.

I wasn't trolling.... >

I simply shared spoilers I fond on Mangastream that claimed to be confirmed. It did change from confirmed to (waiting 2ch verification) Ohana, today....